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how should you draining your pool

When and Why Should You Drain Your Pool?

A green pool, full of floating debris, chunks of algae, and even dead animals is the worst nightmare for swimming pool owners. In such hopeless situations, people often consider draining their pools instantly with professional weekly pool cleaners to get rid of the situation. However, draining a pool shouldn’t be the last option for a swimming pool.

Rather, swimming pools need to be drained methodically and periodically. There are professional pool repair services that advise draining your pools for three reasons. This includes maintaining the TDS or total dissolved solid levels in the water, conducting certain repair work, or repainting or refinishing the pool.

More importantly, draining pools without the help of pool cleaning services Gilbert and the Pool Man is a huge task as it involves the risk of damaging your pool even if a minor mistake is made.

Let’s keep on reading to know more about why draining a pool by professional pool repair services is necessary and how it should be done.

Is Draining Your Pool Necessary?

Draining a pool is necessary and it should be done every three to five years by professional pool repair services. Yet, there are several factors that influence how often a pool should be. It includes the TDS level, time of the year, and material of the pool. Pools that are made of vinyl liners or fiberglass aren’t meant to be drained completely.

One of the best things you can do is have the Gilbert Pool Man come to your residence or commercial place of business and conduct a risk assessment of the condition of your pool and whether or not it should be drained right now or wait a year or two. The last thing you want as a pool owner is to cause damage to your pool.

Therefore, professionals like Gilbert pool cleaners and the Pool Man take special attention when it comes to draining a pool to avoid any damage.

Here are a few key points to consider when thinking about draining your pool with or without expert pool repair services:

  • It’s important to check groundwater levels before draining the pool to avoid causing expensive damage to the structure of the pool. This can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on unnecessary pool repairs.
  • There are weekly pool services offered by professionals to upkeep a clean and sanitized pool to bring down the number of times you need to drain your pool. This can greatly reduce expensive repairs and minimize damage to other components of your pool like compressors and water pumps.
  • Professional pool repair services recommend not draining a pool when the temperature is above 85 degrees or below freezing. This action can cause pool walls to expand and shrink, leaving you with damaged pool walls when you fill them back up with water.

Above are a key few points that professionals for pool cleaning services Gilbert always consider for draining any swimming pool.

Make a Splash With the Gilbert Pool Man

Draining a pool periodically is necessary to maintain the TDS level in the water. Whenever this level gets high, it starts to interfere with the other chemicals present in the water, deteriorating the water quality. Further, this can be harmful to both human and pet skin. This is why getting weekly pool services from professionals is important.

Gilbert Pool Man offers the best pool cleaning in Gilbert to help you avoid any damage while draining the pool water. Having industry experience and knowledge, our experts understand the exact time and conditions required for every pool to decide when it needs to be drained. To know more about Gilbert pool cleaners, click here

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