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What you should be doing during the Winter for your Gilbert Arizona Pool

Winter is a dicey season for many pool owners. Many pool owners don’t know that they should handle and treat their pools differently during winter than they would during summer. This usually leads to the pool getting damaged due to carelessness or inadequate pool maintenance knowledge.

In this article, you will learn all the steps you will need to maintain your pool properly during the winter season with these swimming pool maintenance tips.

How to Care for your Pool during Winter

The following are steps you need to observe in caring for your pool during the winter season. Although some of these steps also apply during the warmer months of the year, that doesn’t diminish their importance in any way.

Treat your Pool

algaeMany pool owners assume that clear water equals healthy water which is a big lie. It is not uncommon for pool water to be clear during the winter season because of how difficult it is for certain organisms such as algae to survive in the cold weather. You need to exercise caution and treat your pool as much as you can in this period.

Test the PH levels of your Pool

As earlier mentioned, the fact that your water looks clean and clear doesn’t mean it is healthy for you or your skin. The pH level of any pool should usually range between 7.0 to 7.4, once your pool’s pH level is above this range, then you need to take the necessary steps to return it to the normal range. You need to maintain the chemical balance of the pool by adding chemicals to stabilize the pH balance of the pool from time to time.

Winterize your Pool

winterizeYour pool can get damaged during the cold winter season if it is not properly taken care of. The decking and tiling of the pool could begin to chip off due to the harsh weather. Also, because water expands when the temperature decreases, the pipes could burst if you don’t winterize your pool, and then you will need professional pool repair in Gilbert. This could lead to more serious damage and repair costs.

Chlorinate your Pool

The chlorine levels of your pool should never drop below the standard minimum level. It is the chlorine in your pool that helps you to keep bacteria and other microorganisms at bay and control their activity in your pool. You need to chlorinate a pool at least three times a week during the winter period, this is a deviation from the everyday requirement in hotter seasons since bacteria are not as active in cold weather as they are in warmer temperatures.

Close the Pool

close a poolClosing a pool means that you are no longer going to use the pool throughout the winter period or at least for a stipulated time frame during the cold season. To close a pool, all the necessary parts of the pool are properly taken care of and the aforementioned steps are implemented. After this, a pool cover is drawn over the pool to cover its surface after which the cover is tightly secured to the deck of the pool.


Though, the steps we have discussed in this article are easy steps that you can do yourself. However, if you’d like some help from professionals that are good at what they do, then you should contact us so we can get the job done for you with our expertise.

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