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Do Monsoons Have on Your pool

What Effect Do Monsoons Have on Your Gilbert, AZ Pool?

In Arizona during the months of June through September, monsoon season rolls in like a lamb and suddenly roars like a lion with violent gusts of winds and gushes of heavy rainfall. They can have numerous effects on your swimming pool and leave your pool water cloudy and surrounding areas a mess that requires a pool service cleaning. 

rainy season

Monsoons in Arizona are the results of surface pressure zones caused by warm air that draws in moisture from the oceans. They wreak havoc on your pool and the dust storms caused by high winds can make your pool water murky. These storms are often quick; however, they leave a significant amount of heavy rainwater.

To learn more about monsoons in Arizona and their effects on your swimming pool as well as the benefits of pool service Gilbert, AZ, continue reading.

The Effects of Monsoons and Your Pool

There are several ways that monsoon can affect your backyard swimming pool in Gilbert, Arizona. One of the biggest impacts is the pH balance in your pool chemicals, leaving your pool water cloudy and murky. Weekly pool service is generally a good idea during monsoon seasons because it can keep your pool water safe.

Here are some of the effects of monsoon on your pool:

  • Cloudy Pool Water: Monsoons are known for causing cloudy pool water due to the dirt and debris that enters your pool.
  • Fallen Branches and Leaves: High winds can cause weak tree branches and leaves to break off the trees anddirty pool after monsoon get blown into your pool water.
  • Damage to Pool Furniture: Not having your pool furniture tied down or stored in a storage shed can cause them to enter your pool or get blown away to your neighbor’s, causing damage to your pool and pool furniture.
  • Ground Water Overflow: During a monsoon storm, heavy rains can flood your yard causing groundwater overflow to enter your pool. This can create a mess in your pool and leaves many searching for Gilbert pool cleaners to fix the problem.

While the effect of monsoon on swimming pools in Gilbert, Arizona is significant, there are many benefits to expert pool service Gilbert, AZ.

Preparing for an Arizona Monsoon

There are many things you can do to prepare for the monsoon in Arizona to limit the damage caused by these violent acts of nature. For those who want to keep their inflatable pool items and furniture, it’s always best to take the items out of the pool and store them in a safe location and secure your pool furniture by tying them down.

Keeping your bushes and trees trimmed will also prevent leaves and branches from entering your pool. You can also inquire from your weekly pool service provider about installing a retaining wall to prevent excess ground water from entering your pool. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to remove your pool cover during monsoons because it can get damaged and cause more of a mess with them. It’s always best to keep your pool full of water and allow the debris to flow off rather than sink to the bottom.

pool cleaningWhere to Get the Best Pool Service Gilbert, AZ?

Gilbert Poolman is the best place to get weekly pool service in Arizona. We provide the best routine pool maintenance for homeowners during the peak season of monsoons and offer free help and advice for extra DIY tips that can make monsoons in Arizona a little more bearable.

To get the best pool cleaners in Arizona, call Gilbert Poolman today at (480) 619-7472 or click here to fill out our contact form.

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