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Ultimate Guide to Re-Tiling Your Swimming Pool

Nobody wants to take a swim in an ugly-looking pool but it is not uncommon for a pool to get old and get cracks here and there. This worn-out look does not come from use alone as even cleaning could have an effect on the tiles in and around your pool over time. So unless you are comfortable with your tiles looking chipped and worn, you definitely need to do some re-tiling once in a while.

When you finally make the decision to re-tile your pool, then you should know that there are certain criteria that must be considered before you call on the pool repair service to do the work for you. All the information you need to successfully re-tile your pool will be discussed in this guide.

6 Things to Consider when Re-tiling your Pool

  • Cost:
    Every project that involves purchasing materials or paying professionals will need a budget and the same goes for your pool too. You would need to determine how much you are willing to spend on giving your pool a new look. Would you want something expensive, average-priced, or basic-looking? You may also want to consider the size of your pool since larger pools are bound to cost more than small pools. When drawing up a budget, you want to prioritize quality over mere aesthetics, this is not saying that the beauty of the pool doesn’t matter but you really want to make sure you won’t be wasting money over another retiling job soon.
  • Landscape:
    The landscape around your pool will greatly influence the aesthetics of your pool which is why it has to be considered before any other thing. The tiles in your pool have to blend in with the external surroundings such that they would add definition and a bit of personality to your home or wherever your pool is.
  • Personal Style and Preference:
    Your personal style includes your preferred colors or color palette, the different types of materials of tile, the texture will depend greatly on what types you like. You could ask to see samples so you would have a wide range of options to choose from which you would later need to narrow down.
  • Materials:
    This refers to the type of tile material you would want to use, Generally, ceramic and marble are considered standard choices but if that’s too common for you, you might want to consider other tile material options such as natural stone, glass, or porcelain. It is up to you to choose which of the materials would suit your preferences.
  • Safety:
    We understand that no one likes an ugly-looking pool but safety must come before aesthetics. Pool injuries are not an uncommon thing and some of them could be life-threatening which is why safety precautions must be taken in choosing the tiles for your pool. Always be sure to confirm that the surface has grip and is slip-resistant to avoid pool accidents. For example, you can never go wrong with stone tiles when you are considering safety.
  • Ease of Maintenance:Ideally, pool tiles should be cleaned every two weeks to prevent algae and calcium buildup. This means that you might want to consider what type of pool tiles are the easiest to clean and how easy it is to maintain. The easiest type of pool tile to install, clean, and maintain is the porcelain tile. Although the glass tile is also a good option and gives your pool a luxurious look, it is still a more expensive option compared to porcelain tiles

In Summary

re-tilingRe-tiling your pool yourself to reduce your expenses might seem like a really enticing way to go. However, It is not an advisable route to go especially if you want your re-tiling to last for a reasonable period of time.

It is better to hire a pool tile repair Gilbert company like us to get your work done professionally and give long-lasting results. Pool experts like us have extensive experience installing and maintaining pools which means that you can hardly go wrong with professional knowledge around to guide you. After putting all these factors into consideration. You can confidently beat your chest and hope for a masterpiece once it’s all done.

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