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Things to Know About Pool Tile Replacement

Things to Know About Pool Tile Replacement

pool tile discolorationPool tiles usually last long especially when they’re maintained properly with a weekly pool service. However, a few reasons may lead to broken or cracked pool tiles that need to be repaired immediately. Otherwise, it could cause many more unforeseen circumstances and hefty pool repairs in the long run.

Generally, pool tiles are made of various types including glass, stone, ceramic, mural, porcelain, mosaic, or glazed tile. When replacing your old pool tiles, repairing pool cracks or replacing them isn’t an easy task. There are a lot of things to be considered including pricing, style, and pool condition before conducting the work.

If you have a reason to repair your chipped pool tiles, it would be best to leave them in the hands of our experts at Gilbert pool repairs in Arizona. To know more about the dangers of cracked pool tiles, let’s continue reading.

What Are the Dangers of Cracked Pool Tiles?

There are a lot of reasons behind a cracked pool tile but if they remain neglected for a long time, these broken or chipped pool tiles may lead to subsequent problems and harm the pool’s structure as well. This is why a weekly pool service by experts is always recommended.

The dangers of cracked pool tiles include:

  • When you have a broken tile in your swimming pool, it might negatively impact the pool bond beam’s integrity, harming the overall structure of the pool. Additionally, swimmers can get cut or injured on a pool tile the protrudes its level surface, leading to bodily harm and injuries.
  • Another reason why cracked pool tile repairs are deemed necessary is due to the safety hazards it possess when a tile is broken. It causes unnecessary debris which may lead to skin infection and irritation in the eyes. In case where corrosion is present, makes the water even more dangerous and can cause other illnesses.
  • If a swimmer steps on any of these broken tiles, it can cause serious wounds and break the tile completely loose. This can also plug water filtration units and cause pump damage if a lodged piece prevents the natural flow of water circulating in and out of the pool water.
  • Broken pool tiles can cause other construction materials such as grout and silicone caulking to come loose and alter the pH balance of your pool water. Therefore, before broken pool tiles become a major issue and expensive repairs, it best to have them fixed, solving many problems down the road.

Above are just a few of the dangers of broken pool tiles. If you’re still ignoring the reason to repair your chipped pool tiles or are unaware of the process for repairing pool cracks, there are professionals such as Gilbert Pool Man to help you out.

Where to Get My Cracked Pool Tiles Repaired?

There are a lot of reasons why repairing pool cracks is necessary. Therefore, if you’re looking for professional help, Gilbert Pool Man, a renowned expert for cracked pool tile repairs is here at your service. We specialize in all types of pool tile repairs and replacements to help you get your swimming pool back in tip-top shape.

We have been providing pool maintenance services for a long time in Gilbert, AZ, and hold relevant experience in providing you with a clean and highly maintained pool. To know more about our pricing for repairing pool cracks or maintenance for swimming pools on a weekly basis, contact us today.

We have a team of experts ready to help you with any pool tile crack repairs or replacements that you may need, and we guarantee our craftsmanship and stand behind our materials and labor.

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