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Gilbert Poolman LLC is an east valley swimming pool service and repair company servicing Chandler & Gilbert Arizona.

Swimming Pool Remodeling

Transform Your Backyard With Our Exceptional
Remodeling Services.

Whether you prefer to preserve certain sections of your existing outdoor living area and effortlessly integrate them with a stunning new pool or landscaping, or embark on a fresh start to craft a brand-new outdoor sanctuary, the choice is yours.
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Pool Remodeling in Gilbert AZ

Are you thinking about remodeling your swimming pool with a re-plaster? Or maybe you want to upgrade from plaster to pebble tech quality material. Or maybe your deck needs to be repaired and repainted. Or maybe a totally new deck re-finish. Gilbert Poolman LLC has a totally isolated remodeling department ran and over seen directly by the owner himself.

At Gilbert Poolman, we are dedicated to turning your dreams into reality. Our team of specialists believes in the limitless possibilities that our name represents. That’s why we proudly claim the title of the best pool remodeling company in Gilbert, Arizona, without a doubt.

When it comes to personalized service, Jake stands out from the crowd. Unlike other vendors, Jake personally conducted a consultation at our clients’ home, demonstrating his unwavering commitment. From the very first meeting, Jake’s involvement was 100%, ensuring that every promise made was fulfilled. We understand that the thought of transforming your existing swimming pool can be overwhelming. However, our expertise lies in managing the entire pool remodeling process, alleviating any stress or concerns you may have.

To begin, we prioritize a personal consultation where we genuinely listen to you and gain insight into your unique pool remodeling dreams. Perhaps you envision a custom barbecue area for hosting family-friendly pool parties, or an outdoor fireplace where you can unwind with friends and a bottle of wine after dinner. Maybe you’d like an exhilarating waterfall slide that your kids will adore. Whatever your desires, our initial consultation allows us to design a space that you and your family will love, a space to be shared with friends and neighbors.

There is no job too big or too small for Gilbert Poolman. We do everything from swimming pool re-plastering, to dedicated lines, crack repairs, skimmers, automatic water levelers, decks, swimming pool rails, pool pump repair and much much more. The owner Jake Boyer has experience in building pools from no hole in the ground to a swimming pool in the back yard in just months. So he has a vast knowledge of pool construction from the ground down.


Dive into a pool paradise with our sensational remodeling services!

No matter the scope of your project, whether it’s a grand transformation or subtle enhancements, we’re here to assist you with our expertise and services.

Why should you replace your chipped pool tiles?

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Over time, old pool tiles can lose their luster, appearing lackluster, faded, and unappealing. Fortunately, there is an array of vibrant and captivating tile choices to choose from, allowing you to give your pool a remarkable makeover by replacing them.
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Your pool should be a place for fun and relaxation, it shouldn’t be a cause of worry. Broken or Chipped pool tiles can lead to jagged edges where swimmers can cut or injure themselves leading to wounds and infections if your pool is not chemically balanced.
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Broken tiles can also lead to leaking water. A broken tile can be a sign of a structural crack in your pool, causing water to drain out. That can have a negative effect on your yard, and none the less your water bill! You should have a professional pool inspection of your pool when broken tiles appear.

Pool Tile Repair

Nobody will beat the warranty provided by Gilbert Poolman because we do the best pool service in the valley and are proud to stand behind our work by offering the client a warranty that just can’t be beat by ANY of our competitors on a swimming pool remodeling project.

Also unlike many swimming pool retiling companies Gilbert Poolman LLC offers special financing exclusively for our customers through an outside financing company. We work closely with this financing company to insure you the customer gets the lowest rates possible on your loan. So don’t waste your time with those other guys who won’t offer the warranty that you get when you choose us to do your project. Call us today for your free remodeling estimate.

Pool Tile Repair and Replacement in Gilbert Arizona

Chipped, broken, or missing pool tiles can be a bothersome eyesore to your beautiful pool’s appearance. They can also be a hazard if there is a chipped corner poking out. Thankfully tile replacement for pools is a common and relatively quick fix.

Resurfacing or retiling your pool is also a good time to experiment with new pool tile styles and colors. Gilbert Poolman specializes in pool tile repair and retiling. We remove the old tile before applying the new one and pay very close attention to detail so your tile pieces fit together like a perfect puzzle. Our proficient repair crew is experienced, clean, on time, and highly attentive to your property during the retile process so they don’t damage anything.

Whether you need your whole pool retiled or just a few chipped areas, we got you covered. We offer a variety of pool tile services from pool tile installation, repair, replacement, and cleaning.

How long does it take?

Obviously, the time it takes for a pool tile replacement repair has a variety of factors, like the size of the pool, the extent of damage, and whether or not your need the whole pool redone or just a couple of tiles. generally speaking, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks.

Why use Gilbert Poolman?

Gilbert Poolman has proudly served Gilbert AZ, and surrounding areas for a number of years. It is our main goal to provide our customers with exceptional pool services so they can sit back and relax. We promise you a beautiful and clean pool every time. Having pool tile replacement done incorrectly can lead to a number of problems. If you have newly placed pool tiles falling off it can be a cause of improper installation or incorrect use of materials. With Gilbert Poolman, you never have to worry about incorrect installment or application, out trained crew works hard to bring you the best service possible. If your need pool tile repair or replacement the Gilbert Poolman is your guy. Call today for your free estimate!
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