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Pool Checklist

Spring Pool Checklist

With winter’s cold bite behind us, it’s finally time to open your pool for the warm spring ahead. But before jumping in and enjoying that beautiful, blue water, there are a couple of things that need to be done to make your pool ready for use.

Just as with any appliance or amenity, swimming pools require regular maintenance and care to ensure proper function. And with routine upkeep, you can be sure to enjoy the best, and safest, swimming experience your pool has to offer. Here is a simple checklist by Gilbert pool service that you can follow to get your pool ready for spring.

Clear Away Vegetation

pool vegetationBefore working on the pool itself, first clean up any excess vegetation around it. Tidy up any unruly branches, bushes, hedges, and flowers and make sure to sweep up and clean any fallen leaves, trimmings, and brush.

Also, trim up any overgrown greenery that may be near or around your swimming pool equipment. Clearing away vegetation will help to keep your equipment problem-free and will help to ensure the safety of all who use the pool.

Check for Repairs

After cleaning up the vegetation around your swimming pool, inspect your pool for damages. Check for cracks or fractures in and around the pool and then inspect the liner to see if any holes, breaks, or tears have appeared. Then, examine any ladders or steps that your pool has to make sure that they are secure and damage-free. After, inspect the deck and any handrails or diving boards your pool has to make sure that they are stable and secure and without problems. Repair any damages you find or contact a local pool repair service for assistance.

Inspect the Equipment

pool equipmentFollowing repairs, you should then carefully inspect all of the pool equipment. This includes the swimming pool pump, the filter, skimmer and pump baskets, and drains.

First, check the pump, filter, and other equipment for any leaks, damages, or problems. Then, ensure that each one is functioning properly. After inspection, clean the pool filter as needed. After cleaning the filter, clear out every drain and skimmer and pump basket and make sure that they are undamaged and working properly.

Thoroughly examine all of the pool equipment and fix any problems that you may find. If you need help in handling or fixing any pool equipment, simply contact an expert or your local pool company.

Clean the Pool

After inspecting all of the equipment, conduct a thorough cleaning of your swimming pool. To clean your pool, first, remove any and all debris that you find in your pool. Then, use your pool vacuum for more detailed cleaning. Finally, wash down the deck and clean up any debris or rubbish you find in this area.

Also, make sure to remove any nonessential items away from your pool area to prevent any potential safety hazards.

Chemical Check

pool water cleanWith every inspection, cleaning, and repair done, the last thing you need to do to get your pool spring-ready is to test and balance your pool water’s pH balance, chlorine levels, and total alkalinity. It is very important to have the correct chemical balance in your pool water in order for it to be ready to use.

Before testing your pool water, it is recommended to first circulate the water by letting your pump and filter run for a good while. After the water has circulated for a few hours, conduct a test of your water and correct any imbalances you find. If you need help with testing and correcting the chemical balance of your pool water, contact your local pool service company for assistance.

By following this simple checklist, and with routine maintenance, your cool, blue oasis will be perfect for you to enjoy all throughout the warm springtime.

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