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Sand Filters vs. Cartridge Filters

swimming pool filters

Both sand filters and cartridge filters are the same in their core. They filter the water in your pool so you can have it clean and sparkling. As stated by Gilbert Arizona Pool Service, these filters differ widely in how they work, what they’re composed of, and even how much they cost. Let’s have a look at each to see which is best for your pool.

Sand Filters

sand filter Sand filters, as the name implies, use sand as a medium to capture debris and other small particles before returning the water to the pool in crystal pure condition. The initial cost of a sand filter is often more than that of a cartridge filter, but it becomes less expensive over time since the filter medium is not replaced as frequently.

You may need to replace the sand in your sand filter every three to five years if it has become worn out over time. Sand filter media begins with jagged edges that trap material as small as 20 microns, and over time, the water running through the filter wears these edges smooth, effectively diminishing the filter efficiency until it no longer filters the water properly.

Cartridge Filters

Pool cartridge filters are significantly easier to use than sand filters. Filter cartridges are made of synthetic textiles and are linked to a plastic frame or core in cartridge filters. When compared to a sand filter, cartridge filters may catch particles as small as 10 microns, resulting in significantly clearer water. The disadvantage is that because it collects more debris, it necessitates more cleaning.

To clean a filter cartridge, remove it from the housing and thoroughly rinse it with a garden hose. There can be occasions when the cartridge itself becomes clogged with debris or other unmentionables, in which case you’ll need to soak it overnight in a specialized cleaner like the Zodiac filter cleanser to melt the muck away.


One of the main reasons why people choose cartridge filters to sand filters is the ease of maintenance.
After removing the cartridge from the filter using easy-grip handles, wash away the waste with a standard garden hose. When it’s time to clean them, the filter’s gauge will tell you (most have a red marker). Depending on the size of the pool, a minimum of 2-4 times a year would be required. After a strong storm, it’s also good to give the cartridges a hose.

The sand filter, on the other hand, takes a little more effort to keep in good working order. Backwashing your sand filter after vacuuming about once a week is recommended to remove any debris that has been left behind. Backwashing entails restoring the sand bed and expelling the unclean water from the waistband. To restore what has been lost, extra water and chemicals may need to be put into the pool.

You can book the pool maintenance company in Gilbert AZ to have a taste of quality and affordable services for maintaining a healthy and sanitary swimming environment.


The sand filter is the most affordable and widely recognized form of filter. In general, these are less expensive to buy than modern technology cartridge filters, however, keep in mind that there are other factors to consider while installing a filter.


pool equipment Sand filters will require the involvement of a plumber when your pool or spa contractor is installing your equipment, which can add to the expense, whereas a cartridge filter is slightly more expensive to purchase but may not require the involvement of a plumber.


A cartridge filter, as previously said, can help you save money on electricity and water. Due to the lack of backwashing, you can save up to 92 percent on the water when compared to a sand filter.


pool size equipment It is vital to size the correct pump with the right filter, regardless of which sort of filter you use. Every filter has a specific flow rate that must be properly sized and matched with the appropriate pump. A lot of flow puts a lot of pressure on the filter and creates a lot of backpressure in the system. Pumps and even the pipes could be harmed as a result of this. One of our experienced pool builders can help you choose the right filter size for your needs. In most cases, a cartridge filter is recommended, unless the pool is being built on a large scale, in which case a sand filter is recommended.


A good pool filter is essential for developing and maintaining a healthy and sanitary swimming environment. When deciding between Sand and Cartridge Pool Filters, the leading Gilbert Arizona pool service companies usually choose Cartridge Filters since they catch smaller dirt particles, clean faster, have needless pump pressure, and are easier to maintain. Bigger is always better when it comes to Cartridge Filters.

Sand filters are still a good choice, especially for larger pools with more powerful Pool Pumps. Sand Filters, unlike cartridge filters, must be sized according to the size of your pool pump. If your pool pump is over 1.5 HP, we typically recommend choosing a Cartridge Filter in place of a sand filter. Cartridge filters are more adaptable, have a greater maximum flow rate GPM (Gallons per Minute), and will save you money on maintenance and pump replacement.

Gilbert Arizona Pool Service provides a quality one-on-one personalized service that all of its customers come to appreciate. We use quality brand products designed to give you the best buy for your money while remaining dependable for years to come.

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