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Reasons to Replace chipped your Pool Tiles

Pool tiles crack and eventually come loose from the wall of your pool over time – even maintenance won’t stop it from getting that way. It is inevitable after several years of use due to some aging factors.

Nevertheless, it is still something that shouldn’t be overlooked or taken lightly. It may seem like it’s not a big deal, but it could result in one if it isn’t corrected early enough. Neglecting proper pool tile replacement can lead to larger structural issues that compromise your home’s safety and its residents.

Reasons why Pool tiles can get damaged

pool tile change There are many reasons why pool tiles can become broken or cracked. It could be a result of really cold weather. If you stay in a place where the temperature drops to freezing point, the expansion, and contraction of the pool tiles can result in cracks that could affect the joints and pool deck of the pool. It could also result from a physical impact on the tiles.

Why do you need to repair your Pool Tiles?

Here are a few reasons why you need to repair your pool tiles:

To maintain the Aesthetic value

pool tile designs Knowing that pool tiles add beauty to the overall look of your pool is one reason you shouldn’t leave the tiles chipped or broken. There are many beautiful pool tile designs you can get if the ones you already have need a change or need remodeling. If the tiles in your pool get chipped, broken, or discolored, they need a facelift as soon as possible.

To avoid Safety Hazards

You will need to repair your tiles for the people using and swimming in the pool. The presence of damaged tiles is a cause for safety concerns among swimmers as these tiles might suddenly chip off and generate unnecessary debris in the water. If swimmers step on a damaged tile or hit it, they could get injuries that could be serious and dangerous.

To prevent Efflorescence Buildup.

prevent pool efflorescence buildup When your pool tiles get broken, it leaves the pool’s underlying surface exposed, letting magnesium and calcium from the grout get into the water. This creates a white powdery deposit along the pool’s surface. Calcium or mineral buildup on your tiles will leave a white stain on them. This is called efflorescence. Although efflorescence is not hazardous to your health, it can build up fast and be difficult to clean up. Keeping your tiles intact and repairing broken ones will help reduce the amount of buildup over time. A good pool tile cleaning company will help you get rid of dirt and calcium buildup in and around your pool when the need arises.

To avoid Structural Damage

If broken tiles are left unattended, it could lead to even worse damage to the pool, the beam, the caulk joint, or the deck. Damaged tiles can signify larger structural problems spreading, and you need to rectify them immediately. Whenever you spot tile trouble, check the rest of the area to see if there are other visible problems. If it seems like a problem, you will need a professional’s help.


pool tile repair Broken pool tiles are not the end of the world, nor are they a write-off for your pool. Pool tile repair is a quick and simple process that can be resolved within a few hours, depending on the severity of the damage and the presence of a professional pool service repairer.


As soon as you notice any cracks or a missing tile in your pool, reach out to us, and we will have your pool back in shape in no time. You can also take advantage of the damage to remodel or retile your pool. It’s all up to your choice and budget.

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