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Preventing green pool

Preventing a Green Pool

Nothing is more unpleasant than uncovering your pool and finding putrid green water. You expect to see dazzling blue water just waiting for you to jump into it. Unfortunately, what you’re met with looks like it belongs in a swamp. Why does your pool turn green and how can you fix it? This article will discuss just that.

Why Do Green Pools Occur?

plant sprouting on a poolTo keep your pool sanitary and clean, you’re likely used to throwing in chlorine tablets. The chlorine is effective in killing algae and other organisms that might create bacteria in your pool. Primarily, green pools are due to a high presence of algae. During the winter, when you close up your pool, the water loses its chlorine amount.

At that point, algae can start to grow and spread. You may notice that your pool’s water isn’t just green–it’s also cloudy. This is also because of the algae that form a film along the surface of the pool. Algae can also leave stains in your pool.

The stains can permeate along the waterline of the pool and even stain the walls and floor.

Different Colors

pool algaeThere are different stages to an algae takeover without a weekly pool service. They’re represented by the color that it makes your pool. The three main shades that you’ll notice are teal, green, and black.

For teal, it means that the algae are starting to grow. You can typically get rid of it easily with some chlorine. Scrubbing of the walls and floor will ensure that no algae remain to continue to reproduce.

Green water is when the algae have spread significantly throughout the water. While you may think that your pool has become a swamp, it’s still possible to save it. You just need to throw in a lot of chlorine and do some serious scrubbing. It’s not a bad idea to hire a professional pool cleaning company at this point to ensure all of the algae is gone.

The final color, black, denotes a serious problem. The water is such a dark green that it appears almost black. At this stage, it’s best to just drain the pool. You’ll need a lot of cleaning done in order to scrub the algae off of the pool’s walls and floor. However, it can be done with some professional swimming pool service Gilbert AZ help. Once it’s clean, then you can fill the pool up with fresh water.

Prevention of a Green Pool

One of the best ways to prevent a green pool is to make sure that the chemicals in the water are at the correct amount. This can be done through a series of ways including hiring a professional company to do it for you. You’ll likely need to bring a water sample to them, anyway, to determine what the chemical amount in your pool is.

You’ll also want to regularly clean your pool with a scrubber to keep algae from growing.

Choose Our Cleaning Service

Green pools can be prevented. Choose Gilbert Poolman as your pool cleaner for crystal clear water.

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