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ROC #289980 & 309759

Gilbert Poolman LLC is an east valley swimming pool service and repair company servicing Chandler & Gilbert Arizona.

Pool Maintenance Services

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Residential Pool Services

At Gilbert Poolman, we take special pride in providing the best weekly service on your swimming pool that you could possibly have. The owner Jake Boyer ensures your services are being done on a weekly basis by taking several measures to ensure he knows your service doesn’t miss a beat. The biggest thing that sets us apart from many other companies is that we make our pool cleaners take a photo of every pool upon completion showing a clear image of both the top of the pool as well as the bottom of the pool’s surface. They must send this photo to the office where it is time-stamped and indexed on file for your review at any time. The photo must also include the test strip in it so that the owner can monitor each and every pools chemistry personally.

In addition to this, the pool cleaners are required to keep a detailed chemical log on each of their pools that are filled out at the end of every service. This chemical log is then turned into the office and gone over on a weekly basis to ensure the best possible water chemistry in your swimming pool leaving it hassle-free and ready to use at any time. Now the service doesn’t stop there. In addition to all of this, the guys leave a door hanger or a chemical card on your door letting you know that they were there and that the pool was serviced and exactly what they did to the pool that service day.


  • Weekly Pool Service
  • Bi-weekly Pool Service
  • 1 X cleanings
  • Vacation Cleanings
  • Green Pool Cleanups
  • Cartridge Filter Cleanings
  • DE Filter Cleanings
  • Salt Cell Cleaning
  • Acid Wash
  • Chlorine Wash
  • Pool Draining including startups
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On the back side of the service record door hanger is a place for any recommendations or suggestions. Our service includes whatever is necessary to maintain your pool. We do not vacuum every week however if your pool needs to be vacuumed you can expect that it will be done on your service day. My goal is to provide a service that stands out from the so many choices you have to choose from. I would greatly enjoy the opportunity to show you why so many are switching their pool services to Gilbert Poolman LLC. Once you are a client of Gilbert Poolman LLC you are given direct access to the ability to text the owner on his mobile phone day or night for any issue what so ever. So give us a call today and help support your local east valley Gilbert, Arizona swimming pool service and repair company today.

  • Repairs and Installations
  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Salt Systems
  • Heaters & Heat Pumps
  • Automatic Timers
  • Automatic Cleaning Systems
  • Swimming Pool Vacuums
  • Plumbing LeaksLight fixtures (bulb & Seal)
  • Automatic Water Levelers

Whether you are looking for weekly pool service, need a pool repair, or are looking for pool remodeling to upgrade Gilbert Poolman LLC promises to be so competitive that we guarantee that we will beat any other licensed competitors estimate. We only use quality name brand products designed to give you the best buy for your money all while remaining dependable for years to come. You won’t find a better company more dedicated to it’s customers. We would love the opportunity to show you this one on one. So give us a call today and let us get started.

  • Brushing Walls, Steps, & Love Seats
  • Netting Debris From Top & Bottom Of Pool
  • Empty All Pump & Skimmer Baskets
  • Back Wash Filters As Needed
  • Test Water & Balance Chemicals
  • Inspect Equipment
  • Adjust Valves For Maximum Filtration.
  • Lube O-Rings As Needed
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