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Pool Crack Repairs

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Your pool is the only saving grace during sweltering summer days but what if you can’t use it? Although a pool is a relaxing spot for many, it requires proper maintenance for continued usage. If you haven’t been getting the benefits of professional pool services, your pool may develop small cracks. Therefore, weekly pool services are recommended.

These cracks may remain invisible, especially if they are at an early stage. Yet, it can lead to a major problem and cause pool damage if neglected. Additionally, as summer is approaching, it is best to get your pool inspected by experts. Being the #1 pool service company in Gilbert, AZ, Gilbert Pool Man ensures your pool is always ready to use.


Since small pool cracks aren’t always visible, it can be challenging to determine when you need pool crack repair services. A pool can develop cracks for numerous reasons, like using low-quality materials during pool construction, natural ground shifting, frequent usage of harsh chemicals, improper installation, and more.

Cracks can also develop because of contraction and expansion caused due to temperature changes. However, there are definitely some signs you can use to decide when it’s time to call a pool crack repair service provider such as Gilbert Pool Man. Detecting the early warning signs of pool cracks can save on repairs in the future.

If you notice the following signs, you should contact a reliable pool crack repair service provider: 

  • Water Loss

One of the most visible signs indicating pool cracks is a sudden reduction in water levels. If the water level in your pools has started declining with every passing day, pool cracks are the probable culprit. This can lead to expensive water bills if you are on municipal water supplies and cause water pump issues and even well problems.

  • Increased Algae Growth

Even if you don’t use your pool frequently, you should inspect it weekly to keep it in a usable state. If you start noticing algae growth in your pool, chances are high that cracks have developed in your pool. Algae only grow when the water flow becomes stagnant or the water levels get too low, which is probably caused by pool cracks.

  • Visible Cracks

Sometimes pool cracks can become easily visible on the pool floor, pool walls, and coping. Although these cracks vary in shape and size, they will be big enough to get your attention. You must start inspecting your pool weekly to check whether the pool has developed visible cracks.

  • Water Discoloration

Pool cracks affect the water quality over a period, resulting in water discoloration. In most cases, the discoloration becomes visible from a distance. So whenever you notice your pool water color changing, contact our expert pool repair service to help you fix it. We have solutions for many common pool crack problems and fix them with ease.

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Benefits of Using Our Pool Crack Repair Service

Some pool owners make the mistake of delaying their pool maintenance until things go out of hand. When you use our routine pool maintenance services, we promptly identify and eliminate potential problems at the initial stage. This action on your end can save you on expensive repairs and downtime when you want to use your swimming pool. 

Below are three benefits of utilizing our pool crack repair service at Gilbert Pool Man:

#1: Enhanced Aesthetics
Repairing pool cracks can instantly elevate your pool’s appearance, making it look more attractive. It can also increase your property’s resale value if you’re planning to sell your house. Being in pool repair and maintenance services for several years now, Gilbert Pool Man can help fix your pool cracks with our innovative techniques and applications.
#2: Preventing Further Damage

If you don’t get pool cracks fixed in the beginning stage, they can expand and cause massive damage. A timely repair can save you hefty repair costs in the future. This is why at Gilbert Pool Man, we have weekly pool maintenance services and survey and monitor your pool for any possible cracks or signs of damage.

#3: Increased Lifespan
When you keep your pool in good condition, you eventually increase its lifespan. Durable pools with no cracks will always last longer which will certainly give you a high ROI and the highest level of advantages as well. By using our pool crack services and weekly pool maintenance program, you can extend the lifespan of your pool.
Contact Gilbert Pool Man for Help

Fixing pool cracks is a part of the pool maintenance process, so ensure you get it done right to minimize damages and increase your pool’s lifespan. Being a weekly pool maintenance and pool remodeling company in Gilbert, AZ, we offer the best help at an affordable price and go the extra mile to fix all of your pool cracks.

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