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Most Common Swimming Pool Repairs

Your swimming pool should be a source of family enjoyment, not a source of increased anxiety and stress.

However, every once and a while a problem will with your pool requiring repairs done by a professional. By utilizing a Gilbert swimming pool service company, you can have a resolution to your issue in no time. Here are a few of the most common swimming pool repairs:

Worn Out Pool Pump/Filter

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Your pool’s pump and filter are essential to proper pool functioning. They circulate water in your pool, preventing pool water from becoming cloudy. If a pool pump is not working properly, it won’t take you very long to notice. Your pool water will become cloudy and dirty even though you’re putting the proper chemicals in it. You may also notice a spike in your electricity bills, because your pump and filter are working harder than normal to maintain water quality. If you notice an issue here be sure to notify your local professional immediately for repairs. 


Leak in Pool

When hotter weather is present your pool water level will often drop. There are even cases when it’ll drop as a result of evaporation. However, if your pool’s water level seems to be dropping at a rapid rate, you may have a leak in your pool. A local pool service specialist can perform a series of standardized tests to figure out if a leak is to blame for your pool’s decreasing water level. A leaking pool can dilute your chemicals and make it harder to maintain proper chemical levels in your pool

Choosing the Right Pool Cleaners

pool cleaning

Another important tool that keeps your pool clean and functioning is an effective auto cleaner. On days you aren’t servicing your pool, an auto cleaner will help your water look great and prevent you from having to work on your pool as often as you otherwise would. It is recommended that you utilize pressure side cleaners that use their own booster pump. Pressure side cleaners are more desirable than suction cleaners, and they do not affect your circulation system whatsoever.


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