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Is my Pool Filter Working

Is my Pool Filter Working: Here’s How to Find Out!

For residents in Gilbert, Arizona searching for the best solution to see if their pool filter is working properly is to contact the Gilbert Poolman. Having clean and fresh pool water is one of the main primary functions of a pool filter and the water circulating through the filter is just as critical to having safe swimming pool water.

Pool filter cleaning Gilbert, AZ is an important component for home and business owners to keep their pool water at proper pH levels and free from harmful bacteria and germs. If your pool filter is clogged or not working properly, you may discover that your pool filter is doing nothing but pumping dirty water back in.

To learn more DIY tips to see if your pool filter is working and how to find out, keep reading this self-help guide by the best weekly pool service Gilbert, AZ has to offer, Gilbert Poolman.

What is a Pool Filter?

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A pool filter is part of your swimming pool’s circulatory system and its primary function is to catch debris. This action limits the particles floating in your pool. Weekly pool filter cleaning Gilbert, AZ is the best way to make sure your pool filter and filtration system are doing their job and each filter works the same way.

How Do I Know if My Pool Filter System is Working Properly?

To avoid pool filter repairs Gilbert, AZ, it’s best to make sure your pool filter and system are always working properly. One key indicator that your filter isn’t working is when you clean your pool and go back a few hours later or the next day and notice the water is dirty again.

If you don’t have a working pool filter, you will spend all of your efforts in vain trying to keep the pool water clean.

Below are two ways to see if your pool filter is working:

  1. Vacuum Test Your Pool

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For residents in Gilbert, Arizona who have an automatic pool vacuum, use this test to determine the quality of your filter as well. Start by connecting the pool filter to your hose and vacuum while using the suction skimmer port. Look for areas that have dirt on the bottom of the pool or you will not get the feedback you want.

Once your vacuum is working, check the returns or jets to see if they’re spouting out cloudy or clear water. If you see clear water, it means your pool filter is operating as it should; however, if your pool water is cloudy, it means that the water and dirt you just vacuumed are dirty and essentially operating for no reason.

  1. Try Adding Dirt to the Pool Skimmer

By adding diatomaceous earth (DE) to the pool skimmer and using about a good scoop or two, you can go to the pool jets and inspect the water coming back into the pool water is returning the DE. Much like the test above, clear means your pool filter is working as it should, and cloudy means you have a problem with your pool filter.

Additionally, you shouldn’t add the DE to a pool filter cartridge if the fabric elements appear to be under too much strain. Rather, try using a cellulose filtration fiber-based powder. Pool filter cleaning Gilbert, AZ on a routinely scheduled maintenance program can help to eliminate common pool filter breakdowns and keep your pool water crystal-clear.

5 Signs You Need to Repair Your Pool Filter

According to most Gilbert pool cleaners, there are a few signs that indicate that you may need a pool filter replacement or repair. Weekly pool service Gilbert, AZ can help prevent most pool filter repairs and reduce the number of times you need new filters.

Here are five signs that you may need pool filter repairs Gilbert, AZ:

  • Filter Leak: A common problem for clamshell typespool pump gauge of pressurized pool filters are filter leaks. For both DE and cartridge-type pool filters, make sure your clamp bands are secure and not leaking.
  • Pressure Problems: Your pool filter pressure gauge should not read zero when the filter is running, instead it should be running in the normal range. If the pressure gauge is higher than normal, it means your pool filter is dirty.
  • Debris Not Cleaning: When your debris isn’t cleaning properly, it’s a good sign that you have either a pool filter or drainage problem, and either way, you should call the Gilbert Poolman.
  • Dirty Water: Dirty water is a strong indicator that your pool filter isn’t functioning properly due to a lack of circulation, sanitation, and filtration and should be addressed rather quickly.
  • Loud Noises: If your pool filter isn’t operating smoothly, in most cases, it will create a loud noise and may need pool filter repairs Gilbert, AZ.

Where to Get Weekly Pool Service Gilbert, AZ?

To get the best Gilbert pool cleaners and pool filter repairs or replacements, call the Gilbert Poolman or click here to fill out our contact form.

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