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How to Winterize Your Pool: Arizona Style

The swimming pool is certainly one of the greatest assets that a homeowner in Arizona can possess. Along with increasing the property’s value, a pool offers a certain appeal to every family member regardless of their age. People can exercise, have family fun, relax, and get relief from the heat while having a pool of their own. swimming pool tile

On the other end of the snorkel, owning a swimming pool comes with some responsibilities as well. A large part of this is about cleaning the debris and harmful bacteria that may cause damage to people, including the pool. Although pool maintenance is crucial throughout the year, it becomes more significant during the winter.

During the winter, the pool is used rarely. This is why professional weekly pool services are required to make sure the pool isn’t covered with a dirty algae-coated mess. Keep on reading this article to find out why you should winterize your pool with professionals like Gilbert pool repair service and how they do it.

Why Should You Winterize Your Pool?

Although in Gilbert, Arizona, the winter is relatively mild than in other areas. Still, it’s important to winterize the pool property to prevent freezes from destroying your expensive equipment. In fact, surface freezes sometimes can tear through vinyl liners due to ice expansion. In such cases, only experts like Gilbert pool repair can help.

Even if the temperature doesn’t freeze, winterization is a process that shouldn’t be missed because the pool will go unused for several months. A lack of winterization will only wreak havoc on your pool’s health. Alternatively, your pool will be fresh as new when opening it up again after a thorough winterization from experts at Gilbert pool service.

4 Steps to Winterize Your Pool in Gilbert, Arizona

Once you’re all prepared to close your pool for the winter, there are a few simple winterization steps that must be followed. These steps should be done under professional surveillance or by professionals only to avoid causing more damage to your pool.

There are experts in weekly pool service Gilbert out there to help with this such as the expert winterization services of the Gilbert Poolman.

The four steps to winterization done by experts include:

  • Cleaning your pool thoroughly to remove all the debris, algae, and bacteria. This will help to keep your pool water safe for its users and pumps and filters as well.
  • pouring chlorine on a newly cleaned pool waterAdjusting and monitoring the pH level of the pool using a certified and professional testing kit and the best techniques for pool cleaning services.
  • Adding shock to the pool to prevent any bacteria from forming while it’s not getting used will always keep your water looking crystal clear and fresh.
  • Installing pool covers to keep ground water from seeping in and fallen debris from leaves and other things that are known to fly in the Arizona desert wind can prevent several things from occurring from dirty pool water to pool damages and gouges or scratches in your pool walls.

These are the steps followed by professionals like Gilbert pool repair service to winterize your pool. If you choose experts like the Gilbert Poolman, these steps are included in the weekly pool services to help pool owners maintain the purity and safety of their swimming pools in Arizona.

Call the Best Weekly Pool Service Gilbert, AZ Has to Offer Today

Taking care of one of your expensive property features like a swimming pool is certainly crucial. With winterization from expert weekly pool cleaners in Gilbert, you can make sure that the pool stays all prepared and safe when the sun will start blazing in the spring. This process saves you from spending thousands of dollars on pool repair.pool cleanup

It’s important to find a reliable weekly pool service Gilbert expert to help you with the winterization process. It’s because these steps can’t be done without professionals. If you have been looking for an expert, Gilbert Poolman, a reputed and professional Gilbert pool service is here to help.

Contact us today to know more about pool winterization Arizona style.

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