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how to remove stains from pool

How to Remove Stains From Your Swimming Pool

It should come as no surprise that there are many common pool plaster problems in Gilbert, AZ as well as common stains that make your swimming pool unsightly to look at and unhealthy for swimmers. Stubborn stains can be a nightmare to remove, especially if you don’t use the proper pool cleaning agents.

For those who want the cleanest pools and have busy schedules, trying to keep up with the pool cleaning duties is sometimes better off with professional pool cleaning services such as Gilbert Poolman LLC. One of the first things you need to do is identify the stain, then use the proper techniques for the best and safest results.

To learn more about removing stains from your swimming pool and common pool plaster problems in Gilbert, AZ, continue reading.

Identify the Stains: Pool Cleaning Service Gilbert, AZ

The professionals at the best pool cleaning service Gilbert, AZ recommend identifying the stain so you can use the proper pool cleaning agents and interventions for future common pool plaster problems and removal tactics. You can also test the stain and if it’s algae causing the stain, a little bit of granular chlorine generally does the trick.

Here are some common pool plaster problems in Gilbert, AZ:

Waterline Stains

Waterline Stains are the most common types of stains on swimming pool plaster and are caused by oils, debris, and dirt that get in the pool water. They can come from elements of the weather or people who have dirty bodies and even laundry detergents. Testing and treating your pool water on a regular basis is the best way to keep it clean.

organic stains on the pool

Organic Stains

Most organic stains are typically a greenish or brownish color and are caused by fallen foliage, leave, seeds, and cones that fall into your swimming pool water. They sink to the bottom of the pool and leave a residue along the outer edges of your pool. Other earthly items that cause organic stains are insects, berries, and algae.

Rust Stains

Rust stains tend to be more spots along the pool edges than stains are easily identified due to the metal rebar that is used in the plaster and concrete of your swimming pool’s foundation. These types of stains are generally due to a piece of metal rebar that is too close to the outer edges of the concrete and bleed through as rust spots.

Mineral Stains

Mineral stains are typically caused by the use of hard water and manifest in your swimming pool with a scaly grey or white deposit along the waterline or surface of the water. They are a residue that creates the stain and discoloration caused by an accumulation of dirt and debris.

Metal Stains

pool water turning green

Metal stains are a reddish-brown and dark color and have the appearance of rust but are caused by metals and irons. If you see a metal stain that is either a teal-blue or turquoise color, the culprit is caused by copper. Water sports games that have copper brackets like basketball and water polo are usually the cause of metal stains.

Although the above causes of stains are typical, there are some cases where mottling is the problem. Mottling is caused by aging plaster or concrete and garners shades and streaks over time. If the best pool cleaners don’t remove your stains and you have an aging swimming pool, there may not be much you can do to prevent mottling.

How to Solve Common Pool Plaster Problems in Gilbert, AZ?

The best way to solve common pool plaster problems in Gilbert, AZ is to call the Gilbert Poolman or fill out our contact form. We offer free estimates and can help you quickly identify the stain and keep your pool water and pool looking brand new.

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