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How to Maintain Your Gilbert Arizona Swimming Pool in Summer

Winter is over and you are preparing to get your pool ready for summer use against the hot weather Arizona sun, we totally get it. We know you can’t wait to use your pool but before you dive in, let’s walk you through a few tips you will be needing to keep your pool in tiptop shape during the summer.

Ways to maintain your Gilbert Arizona Pool in Summer

Get your pool ready for summer with these easy and quick steps.

Get rid of Debris

pool debrisThis is probably the easiest step and doesn’t involve a lot of work. All you need is a scoop net that is long enough to reach the deep parts and far corners of your pool.

It’s normal to have debris in your pool over a period of time. If you had closed your pool for the winter, you should have just a few tiny pieces of dirt in the pool. If you left your pool uncovered, the dirt could range from strewn leaves to random objects that might have somehow found their way into your pool. Regardless of this, it’s important you get them out before you can do any proper work.

Refill it with Water

If you have emptied your pool or the water has dropped below the normal level, it is time to top it off with more water. Keeping your pool empty could cause more damage than you could expect. If the ground where your pool was dug has a high water table, leaving your pool empty could cause the flooring to pop up and this could damage the look and appearance of the pool.

A weekly pool service should make sure to clean or wash your pool filters and check for any debris that might have gotten stuck in them out before putting them back in the pool.

Check your Pool water quality

pool water qualityThis might not be something you can do yourself because you would need to be a professional in pool maintenance to do this. However, you could call on the services of any pool maintenance professionals around you that could help you test your water quality and determine what needs to be done if it’s not up to standard. Better still, you could take a sample of your pool’s water to a pool maintenance store and have them check it for you. The pH balance of your pool must be within a healthy range, the alkaline and acidity levels must neither be too low nor too high.

Avoid Cloudy Pools

A cloudy pool is not a healthy pool. Ensure that all the pool filters in your pool are properly cleaned out as much as possible to prevent cloudiness. Chlorine could also aid the process of getting clear pool water but make sure it is in small quantities and does not exceed the prescribed measurements.

Repair leaks and faults

pool professional helpThis is another important reason why you will be needing professional help. It can be difficult for a regular pool owner to determine where leaks are in a pool or what faults a pool has. If you notice any strange problem with your pool, you should call a professional to check it out before it gets worse.


Owning a pool is no child’s play because without proper care for your pool, it would get damaged in no time and you’ll have to spend a lot of money to repair it when you could have just taken good care of it in the beginning.

Apart from money, pools that are not properly maintained could pose serious health threats to you and your family or anyone that goes for a swim in them. Try as much as you can to get a monthly or weekly pool service and maintenance and always strive to have a clean and healthy pool you can swim in without any bother.

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