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How Often Should I Shock My Swimming Pool?

Having your own swimming pool certainly allows you to enjoy quality time with your friends and family but moreover, it enables you to beat the heat in the summertime. Especially, if you’re living in Gilbert, Arizona, it’s highly important to have a custom-made swimming pool to deal with the rising temperatures.

While having a swimming pool of your own is certainly beneficial but it should be maintained properly to make the most use of it. Basic cleaning can still be taken care of on your own but steps like shocking your pool with chemicals are something that needs to be handled by the professionals like Gilbert pool cleaning services.

Since swimming pools are easy places for bacteria and algae to grow and cause damage, pool shock is an important step in maintaining pool chemical safety. Let’s continue reading to understand why this step is considered critical.

Why is Pool Chemical Safety Important?

pouring chlorine on a poolPool chemical safety is important to keep the chemicals balanced and prevent the algae from growing in the pool. As a general rule, to maintain this chemical balance, pool shocking is used which can be categorized into two types:

  • Chlorine shock
  • Non-chlorine shock

This process conducted by professionals like Gilbert pool cleaning services works by adding chlorine in high concentration that breaks the chloramine bonds in the pool. While non-chlorine shock uses oxygen for the same. Apart from weekly pool cleaning, pool shocking should also be used before closing the pool during winter.

The reasons why pool chemical safety is important are listed below:

  • It Prepares Your Pool for the Winter: Pool shock is also a crucial part of winterizing your pool. Typically, during the winter season, most pools remain closed. If you have not conducted any cleaning before closing it, it will lead you into serious trouble when reopening it. Therefore, pool shocking especially by professional pool cleaning Gilbert services is non-negotiable.
  • It Helps to Keep the Water Safe: People often deal with itchy and red eyes after swimming in the pool. It’s likely to be caused by the high concentration of chlorine in the water. When the chlorine bonds with ammonia released from urine, sweat, and other substances, it starts to irritate the lungs, skin, and eyes. This is why weekly pool cleaning should never be neglected.
  • It Prevents the Chlorine Smell: Maintaining the chemical safety of your pool is one of the critical parts of pool winterization tips given by experts. Generally, when you close your pool for several months and re-open it, the high concentration of chlorine that binds with ammonia and turns to chloramine starts to produce a strong smell. This can be prevented by experts.
  • It Protects the Pool From Heat Waves: Having a pool can certainly feel like one of the most exciting things to own on earth, especially during hot summers. However, when an extreme heat wave is on its way, you should call professionals as the UV rays can easily break down the effectiveness of chlorine and cause an imbalance.

This is why winterizing your pool to maintain chemical safety is highly crucial. Since pool shocking is not an easy task, it’s better to leave it to the hands of professionals.

Who to Contact for Winterizing Your Pool in Gilbert, AZ?

As in most cities, there are numerous pool services in the Gilbert area offering services for winterizing your pool to help you maintain chemical safety. However, finding the one that you can trust is something that requires research because you need to trust them not only to do your job professionally but also on your property.

Gilbert Poolman is one of the leading service providers in Arizona. Having the reputation and expertise in the industry, we can provide you not only with the best pool winterization tips but also high-quality pool services by our experts. Click here to check out our wide range of services.

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