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Ways to Detect Leaks in Your Pool

Does My Pool Have a Leak? Ways to Detect Leaks in Your Pool

pool maintenanceNothing can bring more joy in a scorching summer than taking a dip in your own swimming pool. In some areas in Arizona where the temperature increases rapidly during summer, so having a pool becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. Therefore, it’s certain that a swimming pool is a fun addition to all homes in the state.

However, the pool needs maintenance too. It’s because swimming pools are prone to cracks and leakages due to the intense sunlight and the chemicals included in the water. Leaks can occur in the pipes, drain plugs, and even in the pumps. Determining the leakages is also a challenging part itself as the water evaporates during summer.

This is the reason why there are common pool repairs offered by professionals to help you maintain the value and aesthetic of your own pool. Let’s keep on reading the blog to know more about the ways how professional pool cleaners in Gilbert or any other area work to repair the pool at its best.

What Are Some Common Pool Repairs?

The problems in a swimming pool can vary in severity and size. Nevertheless, even a minor issue can cause tremendous damage to the pool if left neglected. Thanks to professionals like Gilbert pool services who offer unmatched weekly pool maintenance and repair services to upkeep the good health of a pool.

The Gilbert Pool Man is a localized service that caters to the local residents; however, we are also known to furnish the surrounding areas in Gilbert with the same high-quality pool services for both residential and commercial swimming pool owners. Many problems and expensive pool repairs can be addressed with proper pool maintenance.

The common repairs offered by pool cleaners in Gilbert include:

  • pool filtering systemPump Failure: The motor and the pump of a swimming pool help to circulate the water in order to keep it clean. If your pool looks dirty or cloudy, it indicates that the water isn’t circulating properly. The issue is often related to the pump or motor of the pool. Professionals include this under common pool repairs.
  • Pool Leak Repair: Pool leak is a common problem that can’t be fixed with weekly pool maintenance. Generally, the water carries a lot of chemicals and when it combines with the scorching heat during summer, it’s more likely to get cracked.
  • Dirty Pool Filter: Another common issue with swimming pools is that their filters get dirty quite often. This is the reason why professionals like Gilbert pool services consider cleaning the filter once a week to prevent dirt and debris from building up.

These are a few common pool repairs that need to be performed if you want to keep your pool in a decent condition. It’s important not to ignore even a minor issue as it can further worsen the condition of the pool and leads to a costly repair. Nevertheless, through weekly pool maintenance, all these minor to major issues can be eliminated.

How to Get Expert Weekly Gilbert Pool Service?

pool cleanupRegardless of the problem that your pool faces, it can be fixed. However, some of these issues are so complex that it’s better to consult professionals like Gilbert pool cleaners to handle them at their best. If you’re wondering and looking for an expert that offers weekly pool maintenance along with common repairs, Gilbert Pool Man is here.

Having years of experience in maintaining and repairing swimming pools in the Gilbert area, our experts are well-versed in a variety of pool issues. Further, we can provide the best solution at the best local rates. To know more about our services and prices, contact us today to prevent leaks and cracks in your Gilbert pool.

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