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Common Pool Plaster Problems in Gilbert Arizona

For a watertight seal and pleasing texture for your feet, pool plaster is the go-to option for your pool. The finishing compound provides you with affordable and durable beautification for your pool. You also get to customize the appearance of your pool and create designs and effects that you’d like it to have. As with all things that offer beautification, pool plasters develop problems over time due to ageing and several other factors.

In this article, you will learn some common pool plaster problems and their causes. This way, you know what to look out for when selecting pool plasters.

What pool plaster problems are you likely to have in Gilbert Arizona?

The following are some common problems you can have with your pool plaster. Some of them are inevitable while others are within your control. Either way, being familiar with the problems and their causes can keep you informed on helpful maintenance practices to keep your pool beautiful and inviting.


pool coloration You will agree with me that just by looking at it, nothing makes you more reluctant about going into a pool as much as a pool that has an unusual color. In sub-tropical regions like Gilbert, pools are very likely to get colored fast. This is due to leaves and other organic materials that tend to fall into an open pool. Over time, these materials decay and leave stains that give your pool a displeasing color.


You must have noticed some cracks in your pool plaster if you’ve owned a pool for a while. If you haven’t, you will likely start noticing them after you’re done reading this article. These cracks can make you uncomfortable sometimes and they also ruin the aesthetics of the pool. Cracks happen for several reasons ranging from temperature, expansion, shrinkage, and the nature of the soil around the pool. However, this is completely out of your control and there’s nothing you can do to stop it or prevent it, but pool repair Gilbert AZ can help you deal with this problem.


pool plaster “Time is the killer of all things.”, and the same is true for your pool plaster. At the time of construction, the plaster is fresh and has great color but as it ages, the color starts to fade. This is due to environmental factors and exposure to chemicals over time. This is natural and perfectly normal. It should be expected unless special care has been taken to prevent this or to prolong the lifespan of the pool plaster.


This occurs when chunks of plaster fall off and leave the area exposed. This can be very unsettling to look at. Furthermore, the chunks that get separated can accumulate and cause inconveniences while you are trying to enjoy your pool. Delamination occurs naturally with time but sometimes, it could also occur as a result of oversight and negligence. Factors like these could be a result of poor judgment on plaster types to use, errors during construction, and leaving your pool exposed to the sun for too long after draining.


scaling This is quite a popular one and hence, it is worthy of being mentioned. Scaling is when there are deposits of calcium along the wall or floor of your pool as a result of chemical imbalance. No matter the skills of the constructor and how perfectly the pool was done, scaling will occur when you have the wrong pH value and alkalinity for your pool. Luckily, this can be countered by monitoring the chemical balance for your pool and by regular brushing of your pools to get rid of the deposits.


Pool plaster is an awesome material that gives your pool an amazing look and texture but it can also have problems. Some of these problems are natural, while some are due to factors beyond our control such as time, temperature, and humidity. Likewise, other factors like the poor construction process, chemical imbalance, pH level can also contribute to pool plaster problems, and tile problems as well, but pool tile repair Gilbert AZ will solve it.

Getting a professional to construct your pool is very important because a poor construction process could be detrimental to your pool’s health. Close monitoring and regular maintenance practices such as checking and cleaning will help you keep your pool in good shape. If you do have any problems, make sure to contact a professional and have them help you out.

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