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Closing Down Your Pool This Fall

Closing a pool down for the Fall is much more work than it seems. With an arid desert winter fast on the rise, it is the perfect time to shut down your pool as the temperature plummets. Especially with the recent amount of rainfall we have received, you’ll want to make sure that everything regarding your pool closure is wrapped up properly before rainwater taints your pool. Having said all of this, most pools remain operational and we typically do not need to drain the filtration system of all water nor use any winterizing agents for the pool plumbing.

pool maintenanceMost folks maintain their pools in a clean, balanced state with the help of a pool service Gilbert. This is the best way to prevent staining and corrosion of the equipment and pool surface. A pool that is circulating does not require full winterization, though the threat of burst pipes is still a possibility. When closing your pool for the season, it is important to consider the entire facility.

Make sure to remove any ropes or floats from the pool and store them inside. You’ll also want to remove any ladders and/or railings you may have around your pool as well, as UV rays actually deteriorate the surface of these objects over time. If you have any lounging furniture around the pool, it is also advised that you move them indoors, or at least in a covered space, so that they do not wear down as quickly. Pool covers are also a great way to ensure that no debris finds its way into your pool and its corresponding filters.

pool coverIt is essential that you make sure all gates and access points to your pool are locked and/or blocked so that no non-swimmers can get into the pool. Lubrication of pool equipment is suggested so that corrosion does not occur over the period of time your pool will not be used.To ensure a smooth, on-time opening, we advise that you follow the recommendations listed above. Repairs and renovations should start in the fall, when you can typically get the best price, best workmanship and best weather for renovations. Spring is the most risky and expensive time to plan repairs because of the bustling nature of the season and unpredictable weather.

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