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5 Pool Tips 2022

5 Tips to Get Your Gilbert Arizona Pool Ready for the 2022 Summer

Pool water evaporates faster during the hot months. In addition, the swimming pool is used more frequently than usual during these periods. As a result, the usage of maintenance products rises. That is why swimming pool maintenance is important. You’ll need to make sure there’s enough stock and that the water quality is adjusted daily.

You’ll need to scrub out the gunk and restore the water’s chemical balance before you can reopen the pool for summer pleasure.

There’s more to opening a pool than simply filling it with water and jumping in. To maintain optimal operation and chemical safety, it’s critical to open your pool properly. Take a look at these tips for getting your pool ready for summer pleasure.

1. Don’t Empty Your Pool

pool season cleaningNever empty your pool if you need to undertake structural maintenance or if your pool hasn’t been covered and there are too many leaves at the bottom to remove.

You might be astonished to learn that most pool owners are completely unaware of the danger. People usually say they’ll empty and clean their pool, but they either do it during a particularly wet season when the groundwater table is high, or when their pool lies in a high water table. If your pool begins to protrude from the ground like a boat, you may need to replace it entirely.

2. Clean It Up

pool filtering systemWith a “chemical open,” you may begin the process of getting your pool in shape. Reassemble the filtration system, clean all of the baskets, and remove any plugs that were installed when the pool was closed last year. While you’re working on the pool, make sure it’s covered.

3. Top It Off

If the water level has dropped throughout the winter, fill it up now. Before you turn it on, make sure the filter is clean. Remove the cartridge and wash it with a hose to clean a cartridge filter. If you have a sand filter, turn it on backwash mode to clean the sand. Then return to the default setting.

4. Have a Pro Test Your Water

Have the water checked by an expert, bring a sample of your water to a swimming pool store, and they will analyze it for you for free. They’ll do a thorough examination and inform you of what has to be altered and by how much.

5. Wait for the water to appear completely clear.

clean pool waterEvery day until the water is crystal pure, the filter must be cleaned. It should take around a week to complete this task. You may need to add chlorine to the water in little increments until the operation is complete. It is fine to remove the cover once the water is clear and you can see the pool’s floor.

Vacuum away any leaves and debris that have accumulated over the winter, and keep up with the regular tests and cleaning routines throughout the pool season, and you can expect to enjoy your backyard sanctuary for many more years.

Why Swimming Pool Maintenance is Important

A swimming pool is a long-term investment. And, like any other investment, you want it to last as long as possible. You wouldn’t want to drive your car for a long period without an oil change or let your pet go without grooming. Deferring pool care might be just as dangerous.

You and your family are protected from toxins and pollutants by keeping it clean, clear, and balanced. It also helps your pool last

longer by preventing costly hardware repairs caused by corrosion or mineral build-up.

You can call pool service Gilbert AZ if you don’t have time to keep it clean because swimming pool upkeep is crucial.

Advantages of using a professional service for your Pool Maintenance

pool cleaning maintenanceMaintenance is performed regularly. Establishing routines is the key to keeping your pool clean and the water clear. However, this can be inconvenient, and you may not always have time to follow a pool cleaning and maintenance plan.

When you hire a professional pool service, you can relax knowing that you won’t have to worry about anything. Everything will be taken care of at the best and right time. Specialists work with all types of pumps regularly to give you the quality service you so desired.

They’ll be able to tell you when parts need to be replaced and what repairs are required to prevent major damage. Even if you’re a seasoned pool owner, it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes to spot potential issues.


Gilbert Poolman is the best choice for pool care for both residential and commercial pools. We have skilled pool professionals who deliver the best in pool care, cleaning, treatments, and repairs.

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