The power of prayer vs meditation

I want to talk today about the differences between praying and meditating. Both are in my opinion equally important when it comes to centering yourself with the universal God. Praying is a action of thought. Where meditating is an action meant to release all thoughts in order to let in vision from within yourself. However the law of attraction teaches us that your thoughts have an impact on your reality. Like what you eat is what you are in the same sense what you think you will eventually receive. I believe this. Dr. Emoto’s Rice experiment actually proves this. Perhaps I will do a blog on all Dr. Emoto’s rice experiment another time. If you are interested before I have a chance to write the blog do some research yourself and I think you will find the facts of the experiment to be life changing. You must have a thought process in order to receive the desired results. Without it it’s impossible. Praying allows you the chance to think and have those thoughts. Therefore praying no matter which God you are praying to in itself is a very valuable tool to utilize in self changes.

But then so is Meditating. Look at meditating much like you would look at a dirty windshield. Most of the time we can see what we need to see in order to steer the vehicle where we need to go. Over time the vision may get dirtier and dirtier. But still we drive on and don’t worry about cleaning the dirt. But once we go through a car wash or we clean the window while getting gas we always notice immediately how much clearer we can see. The same is true with your thoughts. You think every day. You have thoughts every day. But if you don’t have a form of meditation then all you only become use to thinking in the manner that you become familiar with. And if it’s working for you at the time, then like many believe if it don’t need fixed don’t fix it. That is a false perception. You need to cleanse your thoughts. You need to hit the reset button. Clean the glass that houses your thoughts so that your thoughts are much clearer and vibrant to you. Think about it another way… everything needs cleaning. If you stick something in your fridge and leave it there it will spoil. Same with your thoughts. Imagine a glass housing that houses your thoughts. Well your thoughts build up over time in that glass case and before you know it the glass has darkened and is barely able to be seen through. So although your thoughts are there they certainly aren’t clear. Maybe don’t even make sense. Meditating is an act of cleaning that glass. So you can see your thoughts much clearer. Meditating even if it is only for 5 simple minutes a day in my opinion is absolutely necessary in order to maintain good clear thoughts. You ever prayed about something but wondered why your prayers are never answered? Maybe it has something to do with the clarity of the thoughts you were having while you prayed. So first have good clear thoughts that you can acquire by mediation and then do your praying. Try that for awhile and see if you don’t notice a huge change in your life. I think you you will.

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