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I use my website and my blogs to speak my mind and to exhaust my 1st amendment constitutional rights whenever the need arises. Such is the case with Serious Fleet Division located at 64 S. Hamilton Pl. Gilbert, Arizona 85233. I started taking my fleet of trucks to these guys within the last year or so despite a bad experience right from the start. I took one of my trucks in for a routine oil change. Everything was working fine as usual. However when I received my truck back from them the mechanic who handed me my keys informed me that my air conditioning may need to be checked soon because it was blowing out hot air. I immediately noticed what he was referring to the moment I got into my truck. This is strange it wasn’t like this just a few minutes prior to dropping the truck off. So I proceeded to take my truck to Auto Zone where they hooked up all of their gauges and was able to determine that there was zero free on left in my system. Obviously upset and pointing the finger I contacted Serious and informed them I would not be back. However shortly after this they all ended up in my office begging for a second chance and informing me that they were truly innocent. So as kind of a person as I am I agreed to give them one more try.

Now lets fast forward 6 months into the the most recent past. I took my Tundra once again to Serious to have new front and back brakes put on my truck. Also to get an oil change. Nothing else was wrong because just a week prior to this I went out of town and checked my fluids which were all normal as usual. So they did the front and rear brakes and then the oil got changed in addition to all that. They return my vehicle to me and within 48 hours after I am driving in Paradise Valley and notice that my air conditioning is starting to blow out warm air suddenly. So I look down at all my gauges and to my surprise my temp gauge is in the red! Wow! So I was able to pull my truck over in the parking garage of Scottsdale Fashion Mall. At which time I was able to do some shopping which gave my truck enough time to cool down so I could later remove the radiator cap. Which I did. And OH MY GOD everyone my radiator was BONE DRY. Nothing in it. So I filled it up with water and made my way to another auto parts store where I was able to add Anti Freeze to it as well. I of course blaming Serious once again contacted Brad Jamison and vented my suspicions and frustrations out on him. Brad informed me that they had video cameras that always recorded everything that happens in the bay areas and that he would review the video feed and get back with me with a definite determination. 24 hours later when I received word from Brad he informed me that on that particular day at the particular time my truck was being serviced the video cameras weren’t recording. Ha ha ha ha. Really!!?? No people listen really good… this place is very dishonest. They are gangsters in there working their customers over like a chef tossing dough. Around and around they go. They come off as trusting and confident individuals and really go out of their way to get you to trust them. But once you do, you will start to notice new problems that arise right after you get your vehicle back from them. This is how they make their money. They get you in the door and then they have you. Please do yourself a huge favor and do not use this company.

Jake Boyer

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