What is Reality? Who defines reality? How many realities are there? Why does Reality exist? What would we be without reality? All of these questions are defined by each one of us as individual “Gods”. Disagree? Find it hard to take in? Well each one of us has our own realities right? Our own lives… Our own circles… our own memories and ability to make and retain those memories to shape our lives and their futures. We make our own choices and our own decisions that lead to other choices and decisions which may intermingle with others choices and decisions… so how in essence is that not shaping our own individual realities? It is indeed doing just that. So what then would we be without this reality that each one of us created for ourselves? Einstein said matter is not real. Rather its energy that we created in order to manifest into matter. He then goes on to introduce the theory that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So with that said if you believe this theory then it means that reality isn’t as real as the letters that make up the word. Or the definition that brings meaning to the word. Nothing we can see, hear, or touch is then to be considered real. Including ourselves? Wow… Rack yourself around that reality. We aren’t real. Life as we know it can not be real. Rather a mass of energy separated and defined by our sense of nature and our belief that a reality within nature must then exist. But then why? Why must it exist? As someone’s sick experiment to watch and observe this form of consciousness? Over 7 billion different “human” realities and thousands maybe even million of years later and we are still being entertained? Honestly I don’t believe so. I think indeed it’s more than that. I think in my opinion that this unreal reality is nothing more than an opportunity to center our energy… to cleanse our energy… to evolve our energy into the next level of consciousness. Which level that may be I think is left 100% up to each one of us and the choices that we make during this life that dictates our energy. Let’s break that down as I have used this example in previous blogs but take a battery for example. It is energy… you only have two sources right? Positive and Negative. That is always the only two sources of energy that exist in the cosmos today. It’s either positive or negative. Look at the electricity in your homes… Even in the wall outlets you have positive and negative. It is always the only two sources of energy. You can never prove a different source exists on the face of the planet. So if we are energy and we are faced with this unreal reality to attempt to define our energy there is only two definitions to choose from. Positive or Negative. So which one are you? There is no in between. There is no good days bad days. You either use the time you have here on earth to shape your reality in a positive way or in a negative way. Every choice leads you to another. After this reality is over where do you want your energy to evolve to? A Positive place or a negative place? I know my answer. So with that said I have no intention of taking advantage of this reality by not acknowledging the fact that I truly believe it isn’t real. But our souls are.. And we are in this reality for a reason. Believe that. Think about it every day. Every moment. Live your life for goodness sake. Don’t let outside influences dictate who you are. Who you want to be. And the right choices you should always make. Love is a wonderful thing. It’s a good thing. It’s the source of all goodness. It’s the source of our positive energy. And evil is the source of our negative energy. There is a creator. And this creator gave us a choice. And then he created a son in the form of one of us to show us that even if we haven’t always pulled our energy for a positive source… it’s never to late to unplug from the negative source and plug into the positive source. He showed us that there isn’t death as we believe it to exist. He showed us there was much more to look forward to. much more reason to unplug from our sins and plug into the source of goodness. But you must plug in once and for all and then stay plugged in. That’s my personal opinion of course. I’m not going to say you should give your life to God although I personally have done so… But I will go as far as saying your only hope to evolve is to plug into the potential goodness that exists with every positive morally good choice we make as individuals that create and dictate our own individual realities. In closing words I say may the cosmos bless everyone with the will power to plug into it’s goodness. And may you be strong minded in your ability to do so.

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