Mint Thai Cafe – 1111 N Gilbert Rd #102, Gilbert, AZ 85234

I wanted to write a positive blog today to put some positive energy out there in the world. So I thought of a place that I enjoy eating at and this Thai restaurant definitely came to mind on my top 10 favorite places to eat. Let me start by saying the atmosphere in this restaurant is very relaxing and inviting. Their menu is filled with some of the most flavorful delicious dishes you could ever imagine introducing to your pallet. Their mouth watering soups and sides will leave you eager for your main dish that will astonish you beyond all belief. With every bite you endure you will be left with a mouth full of flavor that will surely bring you back to this place again and again and again. They have wonderful lunch specials and even cater to those with more of an exotic flavor crave. You can certainly eat just a little or a lot at this place. But I think you will agree that one visit alone to this place is next to impossible to try and imagine. I am sure you will agree with my review of this place yourself. So give them a try and enjoy the exotic flavors of Thailand right in your own backyard.

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