A special word from the owner June 2015 2017-01-11T10:17:13+00:00

I want to take a moment to thank each and every person who has used and continues to use Gilbert Poolman LLC to provide your pool with our services.  You know every day I travel around the entire valley and like everyone else I notice the huge increase in poverty stricken individuals standing out on freeway on and off ramps holding their signs up.  It saddens my heart to see what is becoming of our wonderful culture.  However I remember that life is full of choices.  And it is only because of the choice you as a client makes to pick my business out of the many pool service providers out there that I am blessed with the life I live today.  I could not do this without each and everyone of you.  And so for that reason I wanted to take time out of my day to create a special page on my site to solely express my gratitude to my clients and future clients for making me the successful business I am today.  Also I thank my God “Mother Universe” for guiding me my entire life around every corner and over every hill.  My heart and sole belongs to God.  The lord Jesus Christ in my savior and I encourage anyone who doesn’t have a relationship with God to consider focusing more time and energy on building one.  Because without God there is no creation and everything we live for today would absolutely not exist.  Thank you once more to everyone who helps make me who I am today.  THANK YOU!





Jake Boyer
Gilbert Poolman LLC
480 619 7472