I’m not afraid to still believe in Christmas… Are you?

I’m sorry but this blog is going to express my extreme frustration towards the sheeple who have allowed themselves to be influenced out of showing love and desire for the celebration of Christmas. As I drive around the valley I see now just how rare it is to see others celebrating or decorating for Christmas. Have we aloud ourselves to be pushed into the privacy of our own homes for Christmas now too? Are people afraid to show their Christmas spirit anymore? Boy I remember when I was a child Christmas time was a huge deal. Every house hold celebrated it. You couldn’t go 1 block without knowing it was Christmas. Well if I didn’t know it was Christmas time now I certainly wouldn’t know it was Christmas time by looking at my surroundings around me presently. Less than 15 days until Christmas? Are you serious? WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE??? Stop being afraid to be and show who you are! We are Americans! and Americans celebrate Christmas!! Most of the world as a matter of fact celebrates some sort of Christmas at some point in time. Are we afraid to say we believe in and love Jesus Christ? Well I refuse to be apart of that club! I love Jesus Christ! And my loyalty is to his Father my father God. The universe is my God and it produced a son and we called him Jesus Christ! And the day we celebrate his birthday is right around the corner! And I’m not afraid to show my love and loyalty in my continued desire to celebrate and make it a huge deal in my family and house hold. So with that said let me end on this note. I love Jesus. I am in love with God. And I am not afraid to say it or show it. So I really hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas this year. Remember in your hearts what it is really all about. Don’t forget your faith in God and his son in the flesh Jesus Christ. I wish you all the best I really do.

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