Hilton Sedona Resort At Red Rock

Let me say something about this place… I have NEVER been more excited to write a blog or a review about anyone or anyplace ever before. But this place is amazing!! From the start online when I was booking my free penthouse suite paid for by my American Express points, the service that was shown to me was nothing short of spectacular. And may I just say that I am not always easily impressed by services I have received from resorts or hotels. I have actually written some bad reviews about some as a matter of fact. But there is absolutely nothing bad about this place. From the very start the staff were friendly and helpful. They helped me back out of a reservation I had made incorrectly to assist me in making the correct reservation for a much better room at absolutely zero charge verses the prior reservation I had made where I would have been responsible for resort fees. Now not long after the reservation was made which was on last Friday afternoon did I receive an actual text message from an employee of the resort “Maria’ who wanted to make sure to wish me safe travels to their resort and to inquire about as to why we were coming up and if it was for any special occasions. When I informed her it was indeed to celebrate my wife and I’s anniversary she was quick to offer comps and additional services at no charge to me to make our weekend even more special. Now who does something like that? This is unheard of as far as I am concerned. Although I declined her hospitality and offers I did make a special request via text message later that day on my way in route to the resort. I had forgotten some playing cards and really wanted to play some cards when I arrived Friday night. When I informed “Christiane” of this via text I was assured once again it was no problem and I would have several decks of cards waiting for me at the front desk when I arrived. At no charge to me. What!!!??? Again this is unheard of. And indeed when I arrived they had 3 decks of cards ready and waiting brand new in the box never been opened. At no charge? Wow. So we checked into the hotel and discovered that the restaurant stopped sitting people and if we were hungry our only option was room service. Which we did. We ordered a pizza and some rice. Neither of which were very… able to be reviewed positively. However, the following day I received yet another text message from the hotel staff asking how my stay was going and how I would rate their hotel. At the time only because of the quality of the pizza I gave them an 8 out of 10. But then they heard what I had to say and listened with the intent to make it right. And they did. They took the pizza off the bill. Which was so kind of them that I bumped it up to a 9 out of 10 rating for this place. The stay was amazing. The resort is amazing. The staff is the most amazing staff I have ever come into contact with. I am utterly amazed by this place. Thank you to the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock. for making my weekend as enjoyable as you did. When I travel to Sedona, Arizona which will be more frequently now, there is no other place I’ll stay in than The Hilton Sedona Resort in Sedona, Arizona. You will not find a better place to stay in. I swear it.  I am leaving all their contact information below.



90 RIDGE TRAIL DRIVE, SEDONA, ARIZONA, 86351, USATEL: +1-928-284-4040 FAX: +1-928-284-0170

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