Fasting for 30 days

Ok everyone it has taken me a spell to sit down and write this blog on this subject. I guess first I wanted to be sure I was going to make the 30 days. Granted I didn’t start out this fast with the intention of going 30 days. I first intended to only fast for 15 days. But once I successfully reached my 15th day I just couldn’t stop. It is like an addiction for me now. Although this isn’t just a water fast. I drink a lot of water daily regardless. However during this period of time I am drinking other drinks such as 32oz blended coffees that have whole milk in them, a variety of different juices, an occasional soda, an occasional protein shake, milk, and a variety of different health drinks. So I don’t want to make i’ve had zero calorie intake for this entire time. That just isn’t the case. However maybe that may be my next challenge. But for now I have just enjoyed cutting 100% of any and all food out of my diet. My last meal was on Sunday, August 6th, 2017. My 30 day fast is up September 6, 2017.

What I want to do is take some time to describe this process both on a physical level as well as a mental level. Lets start with the mental aspect of things. This challenge can not be successfully achieved if you are not ready to achieve it. You must be mentally prepared and determined to step up and meet this challenge with the utmost intent of not accepting failure as an option. Honestly there is only one real way of doing this in my opinion. That is to start off with a much smaller challenge first. Tell yourself you aren’t going to eat on a particular day for the entire day. No matter what. Then accomplish that task. Fasting for short periods of time first is a great way to mentally prepare yourself for the bigger challenge that awaits you. Your 30 day fast will be something you brag about for a long time to come to your family and friends. Not everyone can say they made the choice themselves to stop eating for 30 days. So taking this challenge serious enough to exercise yourself before hand is absolutely worth taking the time to do. But the pay off will be amazing. Once you have retained the pride that goes along with achieving these smaller fasting duration’s you will be mentally prepared to take on the bigger 30 day challenge. Start with a day. Then try for two days. What you really need to work towards is being able to fast for a period of at least 5 days before you try for longer. And in the next paragraph I will tell you why.

So we just spoke about the mental preparation it takes to do a 30 day fast. Now we will talk about the physical. Which works hand in hand with the mental aspect of this challenge. First of all I only recommend a 30 day fast for those people who have over 40 extra pounds of weight to lose. Your body must have reserves in order to go such a long period of time without food. Without the sufficient amount of reserves in your body fasting for such a long period of time can lead to health problems and or even death. I am not a doctor and if you have any medical questions you should absolutely consult your primary care physician. What I will say however is that while you are thinking about fasting here is what you must know from someone who fasts on a regular basis. First lets talk about day one…

Day one – Actually this is a pretty simple day. You are excited about starting this fast and going a day without food is usually pretty simple when your driven by ambition and motivation. You won’t eat and you will be proud of yourself when you go to sleep that night for sure.

Day two – Day two is not so simple. You wake up and remember you can’t eat. That will kinda bother you. You’ll roll out of bed and start your day kinda irritated and wondering if you are going to make it through day two. over 50% of people do not make it through day 2. The hunger cravings are just so much that you start asking yourself what you are doing and will even start to negotiate new terms to your fast that will ultimately result in you breaking your fast one way or another to engage in eating.

Day 3 – If you made it to day 3 then you do have more hope of making it. But don’t get to excited because this is ultimately the hardest day you are going to experience. Trust me on that. Day 3 your hunger cravings will be out of control. You will experience headaches and urges unlike anything you have ever experienced. This is because this is the official detox day for your body. Your body is now in full throttle detox mode from food. And you will feel it. Only the strongest top 25% will make it through day 3. How motivated you are to be one of those top 25% of purely up to you. This is why it’s important to go for 5 days first before you try for 30. Because it’s the first 4 days that are the most important. Once you make it past the detox point… it’s smooth sailing from there everyone. Trust me. You just have to make it past day 3.

Day 4 – Oh my gosh such a much better day. You wake up feeling accomplished, motivated, energetic for the first time in 3 days, and so mentally alert that you function at a much higher level of intelligence. You are now 80% of the way through your detox. Accept the remaining 20% you won’t even notice or feel in anyway shape or form. Because although it’s happening internally you are not affected other than your body cleansing itself of any waist you may still have. But otherwise this day is amazing. You now realize you can accomplish this and you are proud of yourself for doing so.

Day 5 – Shouldn’t even be discussed. No more headaches that came with day 3 and possibly day 4. No more hunger cravings. You aren’t even thinking about food unless you are planning to end your fast and eat on day 6. But for those of you going for a 10 day fast… it’s smooth sailing from here. You won’t even think about eating until your 9th day. Then you may find yourself planning your first and maybe even second meal. But trust me you made it past the worst and now all you are battling is time.

And those are really the 5 days you need to make it past before you can expect to do a 30 day fast. I actually went a period of time where I only ate on Saturdays and Sundays. then I fasted Monday – Friday. Now of course this worked but what I found myself doing was venge eating on the weekends and gaining back 100% of what weight I may have lost by fasting Monday – Friday. So then I went to only eating on Saturdays. That’s right 1 day out of the week. And I felt amazing. And it worked. I lost obviously a lot of weight. When I started fasting I was 6’1 and weighed almost 275lbs. Today I am proud to say I am down to 210lbs. However I am not even close to being done yet. I want to be 175lbs before I can be happy with my weight. That is another 35lbs to lose. I predict I will have lost over 40lbs in the last month by fasting. So another 30 day fast should get rid of the rest of my weight. In a perfect world. But what you have to realize is that once I take a week break from fasting and eat for a week I will more than likely gain 15 – 20lbs back. Unless I am very careful with what I eat. Which I will probably be. So you see fasting can be so beneifical to your health. Go online to youtube and just watch some videos on fasting and the benefits to your body. You are resetting your body and allowing your body to take some time to rest your digestive system. Which we work obsessively. Think about all the illness’s caused by obesity and being over weight. If your body has reserves then you need to stop contributing to the stockpile. Stop eating people. It’s really that simple. I am starting a new business where I am going to be taking a select group of individuals into the mountains for 30 day camping expedition where we will fast from the normal every day cooking that we have allowed our bodies to become so used to. Don’t even get me started with fast food. The chemicals we put into our bodies… wow… you would be sickened if I broke it down for you. Which I will. I am currently offering a journey I call “Adventure Discovery” where I take a group into the mountains for a 30 day adventure where we enjoy learning to fast together, the benefits of fasting, and proper nutrition. This will be a life changing experience where you will meet new friends that offer crucial support when facing this new life challenge. Contact me for details on our next “Adventure Discovery” and the cost associated with it.

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