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Ok everyone I have written a few negative blogs as unfortunately they are necessary. However today I wanted to write something nice about a company that really impressed me. I myself own a service business obviously. And I have to say that I pride myself on the service that I provide. Ever so often I find another business that displays the same level of service I do and when that happens I want to tell everyone about them. So I have always used another air conditioning company for my air conditioning and heating needs. However on this particular night my blower motor went out. It was around 9pm in the evening and I called my normal air conditioning company only to receive their voicemail. So I left them a message and proceeded to call around to see if I could find a 24 hour service. It was over 100 degrees outside and I did not want my family suffering through the heat. So I googled Emergency Air Conditioning Services and the first ad that popped up was Emergency Air Heating and Cooling. I contacted them and to my surprise got a live person. Remember this is 9pm at night. I informed them of my situation and was told that they could probably get a technician out to service me even still. So I proceeded to wait for the return call. Which came within minutes from “Jim” one of their service techs who informed me he usually stops working around 8pm but he didn’t mind coming out at around 10pm so that I didn’t have to sit in a hot house all night long. Blown away by this I agreed. Jim showed up on time and was very professional. He replaced my blower motor and had me up and going in no time. In addition to all of this I purchased their 5
year maintenance program. To make this affordable for me he actually deducted $200.00 from his original price and then included the maintenance progrm all in the deal. Which meant he was coming out the following morning to clean my coils as part of the package and at no additional cost to me. WHAT!!! Wow!!! I mean really WOW!! Then in addition to this even still when he came out the next morning to clean my coils he brought with him a special device that he hooked up to my capaciter to stop it from putting so much drainage on it when it turns on. I mean once again wow!! This was free of charge. I was blown away by this company, it’s technician Jim, and the professionalism that was involved with my service that night. I can’t write enough about how impressed I am by this company. If you have had a bad experience in the past with a air conditioning company or you have heard nightmares and are in need of a good honest company… Then this is the company for you. I promise.


***!!!UPDATE!!!***  11/8/2017  NOT A GOOD UPDATE

So a few months after this company came out to my residence my air conditioning stopped working.  They of course were the first ones I called.  They sent someone out right away.  They informed me that my coil was bad and needed to be replaced but that I should probably just replace the entire unit considering the cost of the new coil.  So I explained to the technician I am my wife are expecting a new baby in the coming months and are paying cash for all of our medical bills out of pocket and I really couldn’t afford this right now.  I asked him to give me the best deal possible on a new unit.  He started out at over $8,000.00 installed for a 3.5 ton unit.  Then he called his boss and was able to get it down to $7,600.00.  I asked him to lower the price down to an even $7,000.00 and I would go with his estimate.  They refused to lower their estimate down.  So I proceeded to call around to other companies.  Wow am I glad I did.  I called about 5 different local air conditioning companies.  And I got such a broad span of estimates it’s crazy.  Yes some were up there near the $7,000.00 range.  But the majority of them were around $4,500.00 – $6,000.00.  Accept for one other company.  The only other company I have ever used before.  They used to be my clients with my swimming pool business and up until I gave this business a try I had always used them to service my air conditioning.  Primarily because this was and is a truly genuinely family owned and operated company and they have always been honest with me and far lower than any other company I have ever used before.  And my air conditioning never broke when they came out and did simple necessary maintenance and repairs on it.  Unlike this business I wrote this blog for.  And actually I found out that my unit was indeed sabotaged and a hole was put into one of my coil lines that leaked out all the free on which could have resulted in burning up my compressor.  But hadn’t as of yet.  Well I can’t prove this business did this damage but it is pretty suspicious to say the least.  At any rate I called the company I had used before for an estimate on a new unit.  The name of this business is Aristotle Air and Heating out of Gilbert, Arizona.  Terry and Richard own this business and right away she knew who I was of course and gave me the lecture for not calling them originally to service my unit.  I explained the only reason I didn’t was because they were closed and I needed service asap in the middle of the night.  At any rate her estimate was outrageous!!  I say this because I felt so stupid for not calling Terry first with Aristotle Air.  They put a brand new 3.5 ton unit on my roof for $3,500.00 installed!!!!!!!  $4,000.00 cheaper than the business I wrote a fantastic blog about to help them!  This was and is my personal experience.  And I am more than confident you will have the exact same experience.  But you just read a blog that may have saved you thousands of dollars off your next unit.  Trust me and call Terry or Richard at Aristotle Air today if you have any reason to let a air conditioning company on your roof or looking at your unit on your property where ever it may be located.  I am going to write a special blog about that business as well.  But I felt compelled to update this blog with this information.  This company I wrote this blog about is much higher than anyone else I called.  Rest assured of that.  They will sell you on all their bullshit reasons… Trust me… Just call Aristotle Air.  you’ll be happy you did.



Jake Boyer

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