What is Reality? Who defines reality? How many realities are there? Why does Reality exist? What would we be without reality? All of these questions are defined by each one of us as individual “Gods”. Disagree? Find it hard to take in? Well each one of us has our own realities right? Our own lives… Our own circles… our own memories and ability to make and retain those memories to shape our lives and their futures. We make our own choices […]

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Fasting for 30 days

Ok everyone it has taken me a spell to sit down and write this blog on this subject. I guess first I wanted to be sure I was going to make the 30 days. Granted I didn’t start out this fast with the intention of going 30 days. I first intended to only fast for 15 days. But once I successfully reached my 15th day I just couldn’t stop. It is like an addiction for me now. Although this isn’t just […]

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Emergency Air Heating And Cooling – 602-400-0000


Ok everyone I have written a few negative blogs as unfortunately they are necessary. However today I wanted to write something nice about a company that really impressed me. I myself own a service business obviously. And I have to say that I pride myself on the service that I provide. Ever so often I find another business that displays the same level of service I do and when that happens I want to tell everyone about them. So […]

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Mint Thai Cafe – 1111 N Gilbert Rd #102, Gilbert, AZ 85234

I wanted to write a positive blog today to put some positive energy out there in the world. So I thought of a place that I enjoy eating at and this Thai restaurant definitely came to mind on my top 10 favorite places to eat. Let me start by saying the atmosphere in this restaurant is very relaxing and inviting. Their menu is filled with some of the most flavorful delicious dishes you could ever imagine introducing to your pallet. Their […]

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Serious Fleet Division – Gilbert, Arizona (480) 507-9800

I use my website and my blogs to speak my mind and to exhaust my 1st amendment constitutional rights whenever the need arises. Such is the case with Serious Fleet Division located at 64 S. Hamilton Pl. Gilbert, Arizona 85233. I started taking my fleet of trucks to these guys within the last year or so despite a bad experience right from the start. I took one of my trucks in for a routine oil change. Everything was working fine as […]

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The power of prayer vs meditation

I want to talk today about the differences between praying and meditating. Both are in my opinion equally important when it comes to centering yourself with the universal God. Praying is a action of thought. Where meditating is an action meant to release all thoughts in order to let in vision from within yourself. However the law of attraction teaches us that your thoughts have an impact on your reality. Like what you eat is what you are in the same […]

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Hilton Sedona Resort At Red Rock

Let me say something about this placeā€¦ I have NEVER been more excited to write a blog or a review about anyone or anyplace ever before. But this place is amazing!! From the start online when I was booking my free penthouse suite paid for by my American Express points, the service that was shown to me was nothing short of spectacular. And may I just say that I am not always easily impressed by services I have received from resorts or […]

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I’m not afraid to still believe in Christmas… Are you?

I’m sorry but this blog is going to express my extreme frustration towards the sheeple who have allowed themselves to be influenced out of showing love and desire for the celebration of Christmas. As I drive around the valley I see now just how rare it is to see others celebrating or decorating for Christmas. Have we aloud ourselves to be pushed into the privacy of our own homes for Christmas now too? Are people afraid to show their Christmas […]

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Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder

confucius-words-of-wisdomYou know as I write this blog today it is very much inspired by a video I recently watched about positive thinking and how your thoughts really do dictate your reality. At least eventually. My last marriage failed because we were absolutely opposite of one another. Where she was extremely negative and always looking at any and all bad she could find and then spent all of her time dwelling on it, I on the other hand try only to […]

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