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AZ Pool ResurfacingBEWARE OF AZ POOL RESURFACING!! The owner Phillip Davi is one of the most unprofessional, dishonest, and incompetent business owners I have ever made the mistake of doing business with! I am the owner of Gilbert Poolman LLC. I sub contracted this company during a busy time in our remodeling season and watched this decision turn out to be one of the worst decisions I have made to date when choosing an outside company to do any work for me. The owner Phillip Davi will say anything you want to hear but never deliver the results he promises. This was such a nightmare experience for everyone involved that the first time around they actually destroyed the interior finish that they did themselves. Then they made my customer wait a countless number of weeks before they finally went back out and had to re chip out the pool and redo the interior for a 2nd time. This time the interior came out okay. But just okay. Nothing to write home about for sure. Just okay I guess. except this time they totally destroyed the home owners deck causing the home owner to be forced to hire even another company to come back in and repair and repaint his entire deck which was picture perfect before these clowns ever set foot on the property. I paid this bill to the home owner because of the kind of business owner I am. I requested a $1,000.00 discount from the sub contractor to help cover just a little bit of the $1850.00 I paid the other company to fix and repair the home owners deck. AZ Pool Care, Repair, & Remodeling absolutely refused any compensation what so ever. Apparently because they were already negative on the job due to having to completely redo the pool for a 2nd time. But that wasn’t my problem. Well they turned it into my problem. So I disputed the amount on my American Express card. After several months of going back and fourth yesterday they provided phony information to the credit card company that resulted in the credit card company siding with the sub contractor. So at this time I plan to expose them on the internet and as of Monday morning will be filing a complaint with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. I have also started other legal proceedings against this company as well. I strongly advise you do yourself a huge favor and don’t even consider taking the risk with this business. Look at the other reviews on here about them. Not just mine. This is not the company for you. Call me. I’d be happy to go above and beyond for your business. Phillip Davi and AZ Pool Resurfacing can’t come close to providing the service that our company will. Even if you don’t choose my business I would definitely advise you choose any other business than this one.

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Americans VS Europeans – My Travels Abroad

I am sitting here in my office and again reflecting on all the social chaos going on around the country and around the rest of the world for that matter. My thoughts bring me to my travels abroad. Although I have not got extensive experience traveling abroad I have been to Amsterdam 4 or 5 times in the last decade or so. And you know what the biggest difference is between Americans and at least the Dutch are concerned?… No I am taking that back… Because Amsterdam is a multi cultural city that brings together almost every culture in the world including yes even us Americans. So with that said I am going to speak in general. Over there everything is far more relaxed. And no not just because Amsterdam and Holland in general is known for it’s coffee shops that don’t serve just coffee, but it’s the mentality of everyone over there. Not just those who utilize those coffee shops. But everyone. They are so caring. So thoughtful of others. It’s a feeling of unity unlike anything I have ever experienced outside of 9/11 in this country. I have to say that I am extremely excited to visit Amsterdam and dreading the day I have to come back into the United States. Is that the way it should be? Shouldn’t we as Americans be proud of our home land? What does it say when you look at the way we treat each other in retrospect to the way other countries citizens interact with one another. Yes folks there is a huge, huge difference. Our homeless are unacknowledged shadows among us. It is okay in our eyes to walk right past a homeless, hungry person and or even family and act as if they aren’t even there. What is wrong with us?! When did we lose our souls and become self righteous, greedy, and selfish? We live in a city and a country that throws millions of pounds of food away every year. We spend money on movies and vacations and all kinds of other entertainment… But we can’t even spare a few kind words to someone who is not as fortunate as we are?! I am disgusted with the way I see we all have become. Doesn’t anyone believe that there is a greater… “existence of natures power” that wants us to learn to be different? To learn to love one another. To learn to respect one another. To learn to forgive one another when we make mistakes. Why should someone have to be in the same class as you with equal or greater blessings than you for you to even lift your head to give them the time of day? No I tell you what Americans… Europeans are much closer to harmony than we are by a very huge margin. And why exactly? What has happened that we have made ourselves or aloud ourselves to become so… selfish? Our train of thought rather than share a single dollar with a homeless person is “hey they made their choices in life” “They put themselves there” “I worked hard to make sure that wasn’t me”. “They probably aren’t homeless but rather a con artist and I’m not going to be a victim” Whatever it is you say to yourself to just keep walking past them. With no feeling of guilt. Ask yourself this question… Do you believe in Jesus the way every religion on earth believes in him? And if so then I pose the question to you… Would Jesus just keep walking? So the next time you walk past anyone that looks like they are in need… Think about that before you decide they aren’t even human enough for a friendly “hello, how are you”. I am not saying you have to give them money or the keys to your car. Just the dignity that any human being with a soul deserves. If the Europeans can do this… Why then are we so different that we can’t? Someone please explain that to me because I just don’t get it.

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Donald Trump VS. Hillary Clinton

It’s interesting how the world elect elite go through such detailed methods to pull the wool over our eyes. I called this election a long time ago when I said that Hillary Clinton was our next pre chosen president by those who would make your believe your vote matters in the least bit. No the fact of the matter is our country is shifting through such a dramatic change at such a rapid pace that there just isn’t much any of us can do about it accept as I’ve written in many of my blogs to get right with God. Center yourself spiritually and turn your fate over to almighty God. Look at what is going on in Europe due to the refugee crisis. Do you think that we will be protected from this? Does everyone out there not see the carefully and strategically planned out incidents that are leading to racial wars and riots, to out of control protests, and to make it as clear as possible plain out hatred and craziness among one another? Muslims hate us. A large majority of Americans are taught to fear them which also leads to hate. Look at the black lives matter movement taking place. I’ve been on Youtube. I have seen the videos of African Americans pulling white folks out of their vehicles to beat them for no reason other than hatred. And how about what we did to them only less than 100 years ago! Some black folks are still alive who served as a slave in their earlier years. We expect them to just forget how we treated them all while pointing the finger at the repressed violence going on today. Nothing today makes sense. Except that you must acknowledge as I’ve written in other blogs that there is goodness and there is evil. And evil controls the puppet masters pulling the strings for their entertainment or political agendas. What does this mean? It means every human being is going to be faced with making a choice to either have goodness in their hearts or evilness. It is either or. There is no in between. And we already know that it’s a choice. You can’t stop the choices that others make. But you can impact them with your choices. You can definitely make a difference in this life and after. Let those people filled with hatred and evilness cross to the other side and be judged for their actions one day. While those filled with goodness can rest assured that no matter what the future holds during their lives that something amazing is going to follow for them. Because of the choice they made. So don’t be convinced by others to hate, judge, or participate in the chaos going on. Rather search for goodness everyday that you can contribute to and then do it. My goodness is my ability and passion for writing. You don’t have to just sit by and watch the world rot away. Rather find a place in it all and do something good about it. Like writing blogs to inform people that they are not alone in their thinking and concerns. They are not alone in their observations and the calling to remain silent in fear others will think you’ve gone crazy. It’s not you who is crazy. Rest assured of that. You are awake. You are aware. And you are more ready to deal with this head on when the time comes. And know brothers and sisters the time is definitely coming. It’s not long now. It is right around the corner. I am not even sure that we will see the end of this election take place. If my beliefs are correct there will be no election and President Obama will indeed by our last and final President of the United States. Time will tell who is crazy and who is paying attention. How much do you know about world events and how we are all going to be affected by them in the very near future? If you don’t know anything at all I feel very concerned with your well being and highly recommend starting with over a 2 hour long video on Youtube called “The Obama Deception”. That is a good place to start. After you’ve watched that video if you are truly interested in finding out just how deep the rabbit hole goes then please don’t hesitate to contact me via email. I’d be happy to share additional videos and information with you.  I’ve placed a link below to the video I am referencing in this blog.  Pop yourself some good ole popcorn and educate yourself by watching the entire video.  Or continue to live in darkness.  That choice is yours.  Good luck to everyone. And may God be with you.


The Obama Deception

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Great saturday morning!

What a great feeling it is to wake up in the morning and to realize how blessed we are to be in such an enormous environment of all sorts of thriving life. Ones energy dictates exactly how they thrive in this life. We all know there is negative – bad energy and then of course we know that good energy exists. Like matter and anti-matter. Black and white. Up and down. Left and right. Everything is equally able to be chosen but one choice leads to an abundance of others. And this gives us the meaning of the word fate. I believe every man and woman can very easily change their fate by just changing their energy which will in return change the choices made by the outcome of the energy you allow yourself to radiate. What does this mean? It means that because this logic is based off of the belief that all things in life are equal and with proper balance it means that when you wake up in the morning and choose to find something wrong… no matter how small or how big it may be… to complain about or worry about… That is an equal side of the energy field and is obviously on the negative side of the field. You are making the choice to go left rather than right. Because there is another choice. You can reprogram yourself to ONLY see the good in life and humanity that defines that word by each individuals only conscious and spirit. So if you find yourself waking up in the morning and dwelling on all the negative aspects of your life then you shouldn’t blame anyone but yourself for the outcome of that choice. After all if you were driving up a mountain and decided to make a sharp turn off the cliff that lead to your demise would you really blame someone else? Well it’s the exact same point. If you are negative, hard on people, and over all always finding something to complain about then that is only one option to choose from and that is your choice. If it makes you a happier person than so be it. I just feel bad for those affected by it. On the flip side of the coin the other option is to find the good in everyone and everything. Life is everywhere. And we are apart of it. When you realize this you realize nothing else in the world matters. I love people. I love what I do. I love to help people. I love to give back to people. I love being positive and seeing the good in life rather than spending much time at all dwelling on the bad. That doesn’t mean I am blind to it. I am just free and liberated from it all. And it feels so great that I felt compelled to share it with everyone this morning. So it is a GREAT Saturday morning and I am happy to be alive and able to assist you in anyway you need. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for anything. Thank you.

Jake Boyer

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Back washing your pool after a storm

Ok with these recent rain storms we have been having lets talk about the importance of needing to backwash your swimming pool after a moderate to heavy rain has just occurred. Well obviously the rain adds water to your swimming pool. And for most pools to function correctly it is very important to have your water at the 50% water line. If your water level is above the 50% point of your waterline tile or skimmer then your pool more than likely will not have the right amount of suction necessary to pull any debris into the skimmer area resulting in much more debris staying on top of your pool eventually making it’s way down to the bottom resulting in either filling your pump basket up quickly or even causing your vacuum or in floor cleaning system to stop working all together. So lets conclude that if it has rained recently it is extremely important to make sure that your pool water level is not higher than it should be. If you need help back washing you can call our office and we will be glad to walk you through it or for a technician to stop out and simply back wash your pool for you we will gladly do so for only a $25.00 trip fee. This is only good if it is only to backwash your pool and is within 72 hours after a rain storm has occurred. You do NOT need to be a weekly service client to receive this discount. But you do need to reside in the east valley. The friendly staff at Gilbert Poolman are always glad to help our community out when we can. So give us a call today if we can help you in anyway. Thank you.

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