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Happy Thanksgiving!!

thanksgiving-day-calendar-for-2013It’s the day after Thanksgiving and as many of us know the day of gathering is over. This year was especially special in my house hold because it was the last year that my family will all be spending Thanksgiving together while they are both under 18 years old. Both of my kids are from a prior marriage and spend half the time with me and the other half with their mother. Like most we switch holidays in sequence with odd years or even ones. I have the even years so thankfully I had the great pleasure of spending this last and final year with my kids at the table while they are both still kids. I wasn’t sure my daughter was going to make it this year but she decided it meant something to her to be at the table with us this year too. I smoked my turkey on the grill this year for the first time. Usually I slow cook the turkey over night and then roast it at 350 degrees for the last hour to traditionally golden brown the skin. My mother joined us this year for Thanksgiving. I had the pleasure of saying grace. Which this year I made a huge effort to extend my grace to God and to really talk about the things I was grateful for and to call upon him to guide myself, my family, and the rest of the world as we go through one of the most dramatic changes we have ever lived through in the coming months / years. But as I sat at my table and looked out over my family I realized something… Something I already knew I knew. But I realized it all over again… Moments like Thanksgiving… moments that bring our families together as one at the table again even if to enjoy a meal or any kind of traditional gathering or activity with the family… It’s really times like that, that make you need to be so thankful that we are blessed with that moment in time. Because so many others aren’t. As we grow are successes, families, businesses, and over all our lives to the point where we have a table to sit at and food on that table for such a special day when so many people around the world are lonely, crying, and starving for even just the smallest bite of food… it’s important to realize just how thankful we really should be. And with that said it should also make you realize how unimportant the things are in life that cause destruction and chaos. And how truly important moments like these are. So I say cherish them. Remember them. Take photo’s of these moments. And at the end of the day and every day after that… Take just a moment to give thanks to God. Because any smart individual knows at that moment that they are indeed truly blessed by God. Just like you feel you deserve that moment to cherish and remember with your family… So does God deserve a moment of thanks. With that said I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving holiday and in my efforts to show God my appreciation for each and everyone of his blessings I will continue to write these blogs and will never feel ashamed to do so. If I lose business as a result of my love for God then so be it. Because God is the only one I am concerned with being judged by. And so should you be.

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Results VS Change

1772324354-powerful-inspiring-words-of-inspiration-and-motivation-___-quotes-if-you-focus-on-results-you-will-never-change_-if-you-focus-on-chnage-you-will-get-results_-jack-dixonI like this because it’s very much true. Often times throughout life I have met individuals who just complain and expect certain results but don’t either want to work towards achieving them or feel like they should just be obligated to receive them. Their entire energy is focused on what they don’t have or what they should have. And they voice this to everyone around them constantly. I for the life of me can’t figure out how this helps. It’s like anger… it’s so senseless that it is quit stupid. How does becoming angry help any situation resolve itself? It doesn’t. And never will. Just like focusing on results won’t help you achieve those desired results. Rather I firmly believe that focusing on “change” and letting go of the results… completely forget about any results and dwell only on changes that must be made or changes that you want to make. Once you focus your energy on specific changes you are going to make then focus on smaller more detailed goals to help you make those changes. Once again completely letting go of any results you may be expecting. Forget the results. You are focusing on the changing process now. When you do this if you do this… later you will look back and realize that while you forgot about the results you wanted and focused on the change that was necessary you actually acquired your desired results all while making the necessary changes. It’s a magical formula that happens to work 100% of the time. So wouldn’t any smart person want to take advantage of that? I know I would. And I do. And I always will. And for that reason I am destined for the results I am after. I love our universe and the magic that consumes it. The glory and the power. The love. God is great is every way.

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5 days since the election.. Now what?

Well it’s been about 5 days since Trump was elected our President. The after shock has warn off. I mean of the two candidates I am in favor of Trump. But that was only because I can’t stand the corruption that surrounds Hillary Clinton and her family. I couldn’t make sense of how that was going to benefit our nation in anyway. Her agenda scares me very much. However Trump’s agenda on the other hand… I mean wow. I don’t even know where to start. I know we are facing enormously large problems in our country right now. I think the primary issue is not knowing what to believe or what to think anymore. You hear this and you hear that and you get caught up in this and caught up in that… I just don’t see the logic in any of it. Meanwhile while you are all caught up in the chaos and fear what aren’t you doing? Focusing your attention on God maybe? Or maybe you are. But still consumed with what is going around around us… Trump is President. We must deal with that. Like it or not. All the violence going on around the nation… all the protests and rioting… Are we animals I say? Who deserves to be superior over their neighbors? Who gets to decide that? Each individual person alone? Is this a jungle? Is it survival of the fittest happening in real life? Why is it we must survive now before a major event occurs rather than coming together in unity in preparation for such an event? Why are so many allowing themselves to be influenced by hatred? What is happening to humanity that we must fear one another? These are all the questions I have so far… 5 days since Trump was elected. And there is chaos unlike we have ever seen in this country… So… now what? What about when he takes office? Will we last that long or will Obama step into a dictatorship position? I guess time will tell. Time will tell.

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Trump is Victorious!!

Well I was up until 1am last night when Trump finally was announced as the next President of the United States. He gave his acceptance speech which right away in my opinion was an immediate retraction of his feelings or opinions of Hillary Clinton. What I am trying to figure out at this time like the rest of the world is what the heck just happened. Not that I was voting for Hillary Clinton as I certainly didn’t think she was a good option for the people of this nation. She lies about everything, covers up everything, and is only worried about fulfilling the wealth of the Clinton family. So what does that mean for us now that we have Trump to look forward to as president? Only time will tell. But Trump didn’t obtain his wealth because he was worried about everyone else by any means. And if Trump can go from saying at one time that if he were to win this election he would be appointing a special US Attorney to look further into Hillary’s illegal activities and mishandling of classified documents and emails, to giving an acceptance speech where he credits Hillary Clinton for her hard work, efforts, and dedication to her country… You just can’t trust anyone who wants something out of you. They will say anything to get it from you. Even if it is your votes. What I will say on that specific subject is that my opinion of our votes counting or not may or may not have be affected by the outcome of last nights election. I just don’t know what to believe of think anymore. Who does? I think the world is in utter disbelief as we have just elected our first non political politician into office as our new President of The United States. So what will he do with his new found power? Do we need to be afraid of racism and war now? Will he truly follow through with all of his threats and ideas he voiced should he win this election… Repealing Obama Care on his first day in office. Taking back the deal we made with Iran… And undoing every executive order that Obama signed into place since he has taken office… That is only the tip of the ice berg with his intents… I mean boy we are living through a historical time in humanity right now. Everyone should be honored and feel chosen to live through this time and era. I guess ultimately what we know is that for to long we have battled the corruption and greed that has consumed our nation and world. Money and the greed that it causes is the root of all evil. So will Donald Trump bring us the change we are hoping for? Will he truly return the government back to work for the people? Or will he or is he meant to be the one who leads us into the obis? There is only one real answer in all this chaos… God. You won’t / can’t make it through this without God. You have a choice to make at this point. If you are a true believer then I say congratulations and may God be with you. But if you are still lost or looking for your answer then I am telling you that since I have turned my life over to God I have felt more comfort and peace than I have ever felt in my entire life. Currently I am going through a really bad custody battle with my ex wife. We share two children together. I have a charming 16 year old son Austin and a beautiful 11 year old little girl Brianna. I love them both with all my heart. But their mother is relentless on making them believe that I am this horrible person who doesn’t deserve to be their father. For 4 years I have trusted in God during every battle and God has had his hand wrapped around me tightly insuring my victory to everyone of those battles. But recently my ex wife has managed to temporarily separate my daughter from me pending a custody evaluation that I requested and have had to pay over $7,500.00 for. I haven’t seen my daughter in almost a month now. Most people would be going crazy at this point. But God speaks to me so clearly. I trust in God. I believe in God. And God has been by my side for the last 4 years and has made sure that I have prevailed in every instance. Sometimes you don’t understand why things happen. But everything happens for a reason. And when you can look back on your life and try to analyze events that have transpired and compare them with your present status you realize exactly why things happened the way they did. It’s pretty clear. All those things over the last 4 years needed to happen so that I would be victorious at this stage on my daughters life. God knows what he is doing. I believe that. I couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to make it through this time without my faith in God. I love God and God loves me. I know this beyond any doubt. So the answer to all chaos is God. “Ye tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”. Because you have God. So no matter what Trump does for us or doesn’t do for us… Don’t put your faith in Trump. He is not God.

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Connect With the Consciousness of the Universe

Jed Shlackman, Contributor
Waking Times

The concept of spiritual energy is as ancient as humanity, with nearly every culture having beliefs and practices related to tapping into a spiritual source for energy and well-being. Spirit refers to the essence of life, the active consciousness that flows throughout all things in the Universe. The Taoists have referred to this prime essence as the Tao, and its expression as the energy of life as qi or chi. Yogis have understood that the energy of life they refer to as prana comes from a spiritual source. Christians engaged in spiritual healing speak of the “holy spirit” and may see the Christ as the conduit or Source of healing power. In Western occult traditions there is the idea of the 5th element or quintessence, the spiritual source from which all the perceived elements of the Universe have arisen. Hollywood producer George Lucas brought these ideas into his epic Star Wars saga as an exploration of the workings of “The Force.” Everything in creation is a form or expression of energy… including our thoughts and feelings. Energy is guided by consciousness, so when we have different thoughts and emotions they generate waves of energy that actually influence what is occuring on the physical plane of reality. The famous placebo effect is a great example of how thoughts guide manifestation in the realm of matter. Our beliefs affect what actually occurs in our body. When we are happy and relaxed energy flows freely and our body is likely to remain healthy. However, when we have chronic stress and unpleasant thoughts and feelings, our energy flow becomes disturbed and disrupted, and we may develop illness. Just as an electrical appliance can’t function well if there is too weak or too strong a current of electricity, our body will have problems operating when there is an imbalance in the subtle energy flow that sustains life.
Shamans, yogis, priests, and spiritual energy masters from other traditions have employed practices that help restore healthy life force. Modern science is catching up with this ancient wisdom, exploring the electromagnetic fields around the body that reflect the state of the subtle life force energy. Acupuncture meridians, chakras, and auric fields can be perceived now using electromagnetic biofeedback instruments. Those with expanded intuitive vision may perceive the luminous “light” body of energy or halo around a living being.

Stress relief methods can help rebalance that subtle energy flow and allow the spiritual essence to flow through us in a more harmonious way. Meditation practices help slow down the conscious, thinking mind, which is where much of our stress comes from. We worry about the future, we mentally replay the past, and thus our energy is dispersed and not fully present in the “now.” Meditation is often used with the intention of enhancing one’s openness and connection to a spiritual source. The Indian tradition of yoga is also designed to help humans unite more with their spiritual essence, providing a comprehensive system of discipline using the body, mind, and spirit. The physical disciplines used in yoga are really the beginning levels of this path toward spiritual union. Those who discover the health benefits of yoga may not even realize that the ultimate goal of yoga is related more to spiritual integration and unification than to physical fitness.

How we express our energy in life affects the balance of energy in our system. People who are very intellectual may have a lot of energetic activity around their head area but have a limited flow at the heart or lower levels of the system. Those who are very compassionate and emotionally driven may have an active heart energy center but lack clear discernment or ability to gain higher wisdom. Those who are preoccupied with power, money, sex, physical appearance, and social status may have their energy focused in the lower energy centers but lack empathy and neglect to seek greater meaning and purpose in life. A more balanced, integrated person would awaken the energy flow in all levels of their being, addressing the needs of everyday life while also addressing humanistic and spiritual concerns. We each can reflect upon our own lives and see where we focus our energy and how we might need to shift our habits and attention to foster more balance.

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Instincts vs Reason

intuition-inner-peaceOften times I find myself in deep thought as if you can’t tell by the nature of my blogs I happen to be a very deep thinker. So I thought it would be informative for both myself and others to go down the avenue of Instincts vs Reason today. You ever get that feeling in yourself that tells you to do something different then what you think may be the right or wrong choice to make? You ever heard the term “Follow your instincts”… I have always believed your instincts was the universes way of guiding you to make the right decision. I can’t begin to remember the number of times I had good reason to believe something or to do something only to end up being wrong or making the wrong choice. Even though I had good reason to do so. My reasoning was always wrong. Well how about instincts? How many times can you remember following your gut instincts only to find you probably shouldn’t have? I am not saying that it’s not possible… I am only asking in accordance with nature how often can you remember this actually happening… And then think to yourself… How many times can you remember having good reason to do something or believe something only to turn out wrong… I believe if you are honest with yourself you will remember many more times that you followed reasoning only to be wrong than when you followed your gut instincts. So why is that? Let me give you my opinion. I think it’s because like everything else we base reason off of circumstances and events that make up our own individual realities around us. With that said as much as we believe that reasoning should guide us it is actually very much an artificial intelligence that you are relying on as your guide. And like most artificial intelligence there are always glitches that make it stand out from being human. Not just part but all decisions are forced to be made in such a manner. So you can’t very well rely 100% on reason for every decision you make. Rather that intuition.. that third eye in your mind that provides your connection to the universe that delivers through it all the instincts you need to guide you through life… There is nothing more pure. Nothing more sincere. And absolutely never ever nothing more natural. Your instincts are your connection to this universe. So why on earth would anyone ever want to replace their instincts with reason? I for one don’t want to. And hopefully you don’t either. So the next time you are faced with a decision or choice use less reasoning and more intuition and instincts. You won’t go wrong. Rest assured of that. Good luck to you.

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