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Hilton Sedona Resort At Red Rock

Let me say something about this place… I have NEVER been more excited to write a blog or a review about anyone or anyplace ever before. But this place is amazing!! From the start online when I was booking my free penthouse suite paid for by my American Express points, the service that was shown to me was nothing short of spectacular. And may I just say that I am not always easily impressed by services I have received from resorts or hotels. I have actually written some bad reviews about some as a matter of fact. But there is absolutely nothing bad about this place. From the very start the staff were friendly and helpful. They helped me back out of a reservation I had made incorrectly to assist me in making the correct reservation for a much better room at absolutely zero charge verses the prior reservation I had made where I would have been responsible for resort fees. Now not long after the reservation was made which was on last Friday afternoon did I receive an actual text message from an employee of the resort “Maria’ who wanted to make sure to wish me safe travels to their resort and to inquire about as to why we were coming up and if it was for any special occasions. When I informed her it was indeed to celebrate my wife and I’s anniversary she was quick to offer comps and additional services at no charge to me to make our weekend even more special. Now who does something like that? This is unheard of as far as I am concerned. Although I declined her hospitality and offers I did make a special request via text message later that day on my way in route to the resort. I had forgotten some playing cards and really wanted to play some cards when I arrived Friday night. When I informed “Christiane” of this via text I was assured once again it was no problem and I would have several decks of cards waiting for me at the front desk when I arrived. At no charge to me. What!!!??? Again this is unheard of. And indeed when I arrived they had 3 decks of cards ready and waiting brand new in the box never been opened. At no charge? Wow. So we checked into the hotel and discovered that the restaurant stopped sitting people and if we were hungry our only option was room service. Which we did. We ordered a pizza and some rice. Neither of which were very… able to be reviewed positively. However, the following day I received yet another text message from the hotel staff asking how my stay was going and how I would rate their hotel. At the time only because of the quality of the pizza I gave them an 8 out of 10. But then they heard what I had to say and listened with the intent to make it right. And they did. They took the pizza off the bill. Which was so kind of them that I bumped it up to a 9 out of 10 rating for this place. The stay was amazing. The resort is amazing. The staff is the most amazing staff I have ever come into contact with. I am utterly amazed by this place. Thank you to the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock. for making my weekend as enjoyable as you did. When I travel to Sedona, Arizona which will be more frequently now, there is no other place I’ll stay in than The Hilton Sedona Resort in Sedona, Arizona. You will not find a better place to stay in. I swear it.  I am leaving all their contact information below.



90 RIDGE TRAIL DRIVE, SEDONA, ARIZONA, 86351, USATEL: +1-928-284-4040 FAX: +1-928-284-0170

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I’m not afraid to still believe in Christmas… Are you?

I’m sorry but this blog is going to express my extreme frustration towards the sheeple who have allowed themselves to be influenced out of showing love and desire for the celebration of Christmas. As I drive around the valley I see now just how rare it is to see others celebrating or decorating for Christmas. Have we aloud ourselves to be pushed into the privacy of our own homes for Christmas now too? Are people afraid to show their Christmas spirit anymore? Boy I remember when I was a child Christmas time was a huge deal. Every house hold celebrated it. You couldn’t go 1 block without knowing it was Christmas. Well if I didn’t know it was Christmas time now I certainly wouldn’t know it was Christmas time by looking at my surroundings around me presently. Less than 15 days until Christmas? Are you serious? WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE??? Stop being afraid to be and show who you are! We are Americans! and Americans celebrate Christmas!! Most of the world as a matter of fact celebrates some sort of Christmas at some point in time. Are we afraid to say we believe in and love Jesus Christ? Well I refuse to be apart of that club! I love Jesus Christ! And my loyalty is to his Father my father God. The universe is my God and it produced a son and we called him Jesus Christ! And the day we celebrate his birthday is right around the corner! And I’m not afraid to show my love and loyalty in my continued desire to celebrate and make it a huge deal in my family and house hold. So with that said let me end on this note. I love Jesus. I am in love with God. And I am not afraid to say it or show it. So I really hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas this year. Remember in your hearts what it is really all about. Don’t forget your faith in God and his son in the flesh Jesus Christ. I wish you all the best I really do.

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Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder

confucius-words-of-wisdomYou know as I write this blog today it is very much inspired by a video I recently watched about positive thinking and how your thoughts really do dictate your reality. At least eventually. My last marriage failed because we were absolutely opposite of one another. Where she was extremely negative and always looking at any and all bad she could find and then spent all of her time dwelling on it, I on the other hand try only to see goodness. My frustration levels always peaked. I would hold in so much anger that was building up because all I wanted to hear was something nice. Something beautiful. Anything. I was desperate for it. I used to tell her that she was a black cloud that hung over me everywhere I went. And it was true. So many times I pleaded with her to just take a moment to relax and take in all the beauty that is around us. From the tree’s that are growing around us to the flowers, or the beautiful sky. To find beauty all you have to do is open your eyes. But what I didn’t understand at that time is that some people are unable to see what others can see. It is true. There is so much beauty and so much good to dwell on that there should be no reason why others can’t see it too. But some just can’t. Maybe it’s because they aren’t looking. Or maybe it’s because they don’t care enough to look. So I guess that it really goes back to the values of each individual person. One might question if they appreciate beauty… If they appreciate goodness… Or if you are one of those people who spends more time finding negative things to appreciate. If that’s the case I’d ask myself if I were you how that affects your relationships around you. Because in my experience it certainly wasn’t good and definitely didn’t result in happiness. And after 12 years of marriage, drove us to a divorce. Now that the black cloud has been removed from over me, I admit that I am a lot more happier and find myself exploring more and more of my spiritual side then I ever have before. I concentrate better. I treat people around me better. I have grown as a human being more in the last 5 years than I believe I have in my entire life. And I give credit all to God for removing the negativity from my life. I thank God for this. Now I am remarried to a beautiful Ukrainian classical concert pianist and for the first time in my life am genuinely happy. So when you find yourself in a situation where you don’t believe there is any beauty or any good… take another look and find what you missed the first time. And don’t stop until you do. Because it’s there to be seen. And because it matters. It matters the kind of person you want to be. So start with changing your perception. Find the good in everything and you will see how your life instantly changes before your eyes. It really is an amazing feeling once you can program your mind to only see the good in everything. Try it. You know what I see in the picture I posted with this blog? I certainly don’t see a dead tree in a deserted desert. Most might. What first comes to my mind when I look at the picture is strength. Then I realize this is another one of God’s miracles. I see a tree that has survived dead or alive in an impossible environment to survive in. Then it makes me realize that no matter what your situation may be that nothing is actually impossible. The tree in the picture in my mind is a message of just that from our universe. You may not see that message but I do. That makes this picture so beautiful. So you see beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

thanksgiving-day-calendar-for-2013It’s the day after Thanksgiving and as many of us know the day of gathering is over. This year was especially special in my house hold because it was the last year that my family will all be spending Thanksgiving together while they are both under 18 years old. Both of my kids are from a prior marriage and spend half the time with me and the other half with their mother. Like most we switch holidays in sequence with odd years or even ones. I have the even years so thankfully I had the great pleasure of spending this last and final year with my kids at the table while they are both still kids. I wasn’t sure my daughter was going to make it this year but she decided it meant something to her to be at the table with us this year too. I smoked my turkey on the grill this year for the first time. Usually I slow cook the turkey over night and then roast it at 350 degrees for the last hour to traditionally golden brown the skin. My mother joined us this year for Thanksgiving. I had the pleasure of saying grace. Which this year I made a huge effort to extend my grace to God and to really talk about the things I was grateful for and to call upon him to guide myself, my family, and the rest of the world as we go through one of the most dramatic changes we have ever lived through in the coming months / years. But as I sat at my table and looked out over my family I realized something… Something I already knew I knew. But I realized it all over again… Moments like Thanksgiving… moments that bring our families together as one at the table again even if to enjoy a meal or any kind of traditional gathering or activity with the family… It’s really times like that, that make you need to be so thankful that we are blessed with that moment in time. Because so many others aren’t. As we grow are successes, families, businesses, and over all our lives to the point where we have a table to sit at and food on that table for such a special day when so many people around the world are lonely, crying, and starving for even just the smallest bite of food… it’s important to realize just how thankful we really should be. And with that said it should also make you realize how unimportant the things are in life that cause destruction and chaos. And how truly important moments like these are. So I say cherish them. Remember them. Take photo’s of these moments. And at the end of the day and every day after that… Take just a moment to give thanks to God. Because any smart individual knows at that moment that they are indeed truly blessed by God. Just like you feel you deserve that moment to cherish and remember with your family… So does God deserve a moment of thanks. With that said I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving holiday and in my efforts to show God my appreciation for each and everyone of his blessings I will continue to write these blogs and will never feel ashamed to do so. If I lose business as a result of my love for God then so be it. Because God is the only one I am concerned with being judged by. And so should you be.

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Results VS Change

1772324354-powerful-inspiring-words-of-inspiration-and-motivation-___-quotes-if-you-focus-on-results-you-will-never-change_-if-you-focus-on-chnage-you-will-get-results_-jack-dixonI like this because it’s very much true. Often times throughout life I have met individuals who just complain and expect certain results but don’t either want to work towards achieving them or feel like they should just be obligated to receive them. Their entire energy is focused on what they don’t have or what they should have. And they voice this to everyone around them constantly. I for the life of me can’t figure out how this helps. It’s like anger… it’s so senseless that it is quit stupid. How does becoming angry help any situation resolve itself? It doesn’t. And never will. Just like focusing on results won’t help you achieve those desired results. Rather I firmly believe that focusing on “change” and letting go of the results… completely forget about any results and dwell only on changes that must be made or changes that you want to make. Once you focus your energy on specific changes you are going to make then focus on smaller more detailed goals to help you make those changes. Once again completely letting go of any results you may be expecting. Forget the results. You are focusing on the changing process now. When you do this if you do this… later you will look back and realize that while you forgot about the results you wanted and focused on the change that was necessary you actually acquired your desired results all while making the necessary changes. It’s a magical formula that happens to work 100% of the time. So wouldn’t any smart person want to take advantage of that? I know I would. And I do. And I always will. And for that reason I am destined for the results I am after. I love our universe and the magic that consumes it. The glory and the power. The love. God is great is every way.

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5 days since the election.. Now what?

Well it’s been about 5 days since Trump was elected our President. The after shock has warn off. I mean of the two candidates I am in favor of Trump. But that was only because I can’t stand the corruption that surrounds Hillary Clinton and her family. I couldn’t make sense of how that was going to benefit our nation in anyway. Her agenda scares me very much. However Trump’s agenda on the other hand… I mean wow. I don’t even know where to start. I know we are facing enormously large problems in our country right now. I think the primary issue is not knowing what to believe or what to think anymore. You hear this and you hear that and you get caught up in this and caught up in that… I just don’t see the logic in any of it. Meanwhile while you are all caught up in the chaos and fear what aren’t you doing? Focusing your attention on God maybe? Or maybe you are. But still consumed with what is going around around us… Trump is President. We must deal with that. Like it or not. All the violence going on around the nation… all the protests and rioting… Are we animals I say? Who deserves to be superior over their neighbors? Who gets to decide that? Each individual person alone? Is this a jungle? Is it survival of the fittest happening in real life? Why is it we must survive now before a major event occurs rather than coming together in unity in preparation for such an event? Why are so many allowing themselves to be influenced by hatred? What is happening to humanity that we must fear one another? These are all the questions I have so far… 5 days since Trump was elected. And there is chaos unlike we have ever seen in this country… So… now what? What about when he takes office? Will we last that long or will Obama step into a dictatorship position? I guess time will tell. Time will tell.

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