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What is Reality? Who defines reality? How many realities are there? Why does Reality exist? What would we be without reality? All of these questions are defined by each one of us as individual “Gods”. Disagree? Find it hard to take in? Well each one of us has our own realities right? Our own lives… Our own circles… our own memories and ability to make and retain those memories to shape our lives and their futures. We make our own choices and our own decisions that lead to other choices and decisions which may intermingle with others choices and decisions… so how in essence is that not shaping our own individual realities? It is indeed doing just that. So what then would we be without this reality that each one of us created for ourselves? Einstein said matter is not real. Rather its energy that we created in order to manifest into matter. He then goes on to introduce the theory that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So with that said if you believe this theory then it means that reality isn’t as real as the letters that make up the word. Or the definition that brings meaning to the word. Nothing we can see, hear, or touch is then to be considered real. Including ourselves? Wow… Rack yourself around that reality. We aren’t real. Life as we know it can not be real. Rather a mass of energy separated and defined by our sense of nature and our belief that a reality within nature must then exist. But then why? Why must it exist? As someone’s sick experiment to watch and observe this form of consciousness? Over 7 billion different “human” realities and thousands maybe even million of years later and we are still being entertained? Honestly I don’t believe so. I think indeed it’s more than that. I think in my opinion that this unreal reality is nothing more than an opportunity to center our energy… to cleanse our energy… to evolve our energy into the next level of consciousness. Which level that may be I think is left 100% up to each one of us and the choices that we make during this life that dictates our energy. Let’s break that down as I have used this example in previous blogs but take a battery for example. It is energy… you only have two sources right? Positive and Negative. That is always the only two sources of energy that exist in the cosmos today. It’s either positive or negative. Look at the electricity in your homes… Even in the wall outlets you have positive and negative. It is always the only two sources of energy. You can never prove a different source exists on the face of the planet. So if we are energy and we are faced with this unreal reality to attempt to define our energy there is only two definitions to choose from. Positive or Negative. So which one are you? There is no in between. There is no good days bad days. You either use the time you have here on earth to shape your reality in a positive way or in a negative way. Every choice leads you to another. After this reality is over where do you want your energy to evolve to? A Positive place or a negative place? I know my answer. So with that said I have no intention of taking advantage of this reality by not acknowledging the fact that I truly believe it isn’t real. But our souls are.. And we are in this reality for a reason. Believe that. Think about it every day. Every moment. Live your life for goodness sake. Don’t let outside influences dictate who you are. Who you want to be. And the right choices you should always make. Love is a wonderful thing. It’s a good thing. It’s the source of all goodness. It’s the source of our positive energy. And evil is the source of our negative energy. There is a creator. And this creator gave us a choice. And then he created a son in the form of one of us to show us that even if we haven’t always pulled our energy for a positive source… it’s never to late to unplug from the negative source and plug into the positive source. He showed us that there isn’t death as we believe it to exist. He showed us there was much more to look forward to. much more reason to unplug from our sins and plug into the source of goodness. But you must plug in once and for all and then stay plugged in. That’s my personal opinion of course. I’m not going to say you should give your life to God although I personally have done so… But I will go as far as saying your only hope to evolve is to plug into the potential goodness that exists with every positive morally good choice we make as individuals that create and dictate our own individual realities. In closing words I say may the cosmos bless everyone with the will power to plug into it’s goodness. And may you be strong minded in your ability to do so.

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Fasting for 30 days

Ok everyone it has taken me a spell to sit down and write this blog on this subject. I guess first I wanted to be sure I was going to make the 30 days. Granted I didn’t start out this fast with the intention of going 30 days. I first intended to only fast for 15 days. But once I successfully reached my 15th day I just couldn’t stop. It is like an addiction for me now. Although this isn’t just a water fast. I drink a lot of water daily regardless. However during this period of time I am drinking other drinks such as 32oz blended coffees that have whole milk in them, a variety of different juices, an occasional soda, an occasional protein shake, milk, and a variety of different health drinks. So I don’t want to make i’ve had zero calorie intake for this entire time. That just isn’t the case. However maybe that may be my next challenge. But for now I have just enjoyed cutting 100% of any and all food out of my diet. My last meal was on Sunday, August 6th, 2017. My 30 day fast is up September 6, 2017.

What I want to do is take some time to describe this process both on a physical level as well as a mental level. Lets start with the mental aspect of things. This challenge can not be successfully achieved if you are not ready to achieve it. You must be mentally prepared and determined to step up and meet this challenge with the utmost intent of not accepting failure as an option. Honestly there is only one real way of doing this in my opinion. That is to start off with a much smaller challenge first. Tell yourself you aren’t going to eat on a particular day for the entire day. No matter what. Then accomplish that task. Fasting for short periods of time first is a great way to mentally prepare yourself for the bigger challenge that awaits you. Your 30 day fast will be something you brag about for a long time to come to your family and friends. Not everyone can say they made the choice themselves to stop eating for 30 days. So taking this challenge serious enough to exercise yourself before hand is absolutely worth taking the time to do. But the pay off will be amazing. Once you have retained the pride that goes along with achieving these smaller fasting duration’s you will be mentally prepared to take on the bigger 30 day challenge. Start with a day. Then try for two days. What you really need to work towards is being able to fast for a period of at least 5 days before you try for longer. And in the next paragraph I will tell you why.

So we just spoke about the mental preparation it takes to do a 30 day fast. Now we will talk about the physical. Which works hand in hand with the mental aspect of this challenge. First of all I only recommend a 30 day fast for those people who have over 40 extra pounds of weight to lose. Your body must have reserves in order to go such a long period of time without food. Without the sufficient amount of reserves in your body fasting for such a long period of time can lead to health problems and or even death. I am not a doctor and if you have any medical questions you should absolutely consult your primary care physician. What I will say however is that while you are thinking about fasting here is what you must know from someone who fasts on a regular basis. First lets talk about day one…

Day one – Actually this is a pretty simple day. You are excited about starting this fast and going a day without food is usually pretty simple when your driven by ambition and motivation. You won’t eat and you will be proud of yourself when you go to sleep that night for sure.

Day two – Day two is not so simple. You wake up and remember you can’t eat. That will kinda bother you. You’ll roll out of bed and start your day kinda irritated and wondering if you are going to make it through day two. over 50% of people do not make it through day 2. The hunger cravings are just so much that you start asking yourself what you are doing and will even start to negotiate new terms to your fast that will ultimately result in you breaking your fast one way or another to engage in eating.

Day 3 – If you made it to day 3 then you do have more hope of making it. But don’t get to excited because this is ultimately the hardest day you are going to experience. Trust me on that. Day 3 your hunger cravings will be out of control. You will experience headaches and urges unlike anything you have ever experienced. This is because this is the official detox day for your body. Your body is now in full throttle detox mode from food. And you will feel it. Only the strongest top 25% will make it through day 3. How motivated you are to be one of those top 25% of purely up to you. This is why it’s important to go for 5 days first before you try for 30. Because it’s the first 4 days that are the most important. Once you make it past the detox point… it’s smooth sailing from there everyone. Trust me. You just have to make it past day 3.

Day 4 – Oh my gosh such a much better day. You wake up feeling accomplished, motivated, energetic for the first time in 3 days, and so mentally alert that you function at a much higher level of intelligence. You are now 80% of the way through your detox. Accept the remaining 20% you won’t even notice or feel in anyway shape or form. Because although it’s happening internally you are not affected other than your body cleansing itself of any waist you may still have. But otherwise this day is amazing. You now realize you can accomplish this and you are proud of yourself for doing so.

Day 5 – Shouldn’t even be discussed. No more headaches that came with day 3 and possibly day 4. No more hunger cravings. You aren’t even thinking about food unless you are planning to end your fast and eat on day 6. But for those of you going for a 10 day fast… it’s smooth sailing from here. You won’t even think about eating until your 9th day. Then you may find yourself planning your first and maybe even second meal. But trust me you made it past the worst and now all you are battling is time.

And those are really the 5 days you need to make it past before you can expect to do a 30 day fast. I actually went a period of time where I only ate on Saturdays and Sundays. then I fasted Monday – Friday. Now of course this worked but what I found myself doing was venge eating on the weekends and gaining back 100% of what weight I may have lost by fasting Monday – Friday. So then I went to only eating on Saturdays. That’s right 1 day out of the week. And I felt amazing. And it worked. I lost obviously a lot of weight. When I started fasting I was 6’1 and weighed almost 275lbs. Today I am proud to say I am down to 210lbs. However I am not even close to being done yet. I want to be 175lbs before I can be happy with my weight. That is another 35lbs to lose. I predict I will have lost over 40lbs in the last month by fasting. So another 30 day fast should get rid of the rest of my weight. In a perfect world. But what you have to realize is that once I take a week break from fasting and eat for a week I will more than likely gain 15 – 20lbs back. Unless I am very careful with what I eat. Which I will probably be. So you see fasting can be so beneifical to your health. Go online to youtube and just watch some videos on fasting and the benefits to your body. You are resetting your body and allowing your body to take some time to rest your digestive system. Which we work obsessively. Think about all the illness’s caused by obesity and being over weight. If your body has reserves then you need to stop contributing to the stockpile. Stop eating people. It’s really that simple. I am starting a new business where I am going to be taking a select group of individuals into the mountains for 30 day camping expedition where we will fast from the normal every day cooking that we have allowed our bodies to become so used to. Don’t even get me started with fast food. The chemicals we put into our bodies… wow… you would be sickened if I broke it down for you. Which I will. I am currently offering a journey I call “Adventure Discovery” where I take a group into the mountains for a 30 day adventure where we enjoy learning to fast together, the benefits of fasting, and proper nutrition. This will be a life changing experience where you will meet new friends that offer crucial support when facing this new life challenge. Contact me for details on our next “Adventure Discovery” and the cost associated with it.

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Emergency Air Heating And Cooling – 602-400-0000


Ok everyone I have written a few negative blogs as unfortunately they are necessary. However today I wanted to write something nice about a company that really impressed me. I myself own a service business obviously. And I have to say that I pride myself on the service that I provide. Ever so often I find another business that displays the same level of service I do and when that happens I want to tell everyone about them. So I have always used another air conditioning company for my air conditioning and heating needs. However on this particular night my blower motor went out. It was around 9pm in the evening and I called my normal air conditioning company only to receive their voicemail. So I left them a message and proceeded to call around to see if I could find a 24 hour service. It was over 100 degrees outside and I did not want my family suffering through the heat. So I googled Emergency Air Conditioning Services and the first ad that popped up was Emergency Air Heating and Cooling. I contacted them and to my surprise got a live person. Remember this is 9pm at night. I informed them of my situation and was told that they could probably get a technician out to service me even still. So I proceeded to wait for the return call. Which came within minutes from “Jim” one of their service techs who informed me he usually stops working around 8pm but he didn’t mind coming out at around 10pm so that I didn’t have to sit in a hot house all night long. Blown away by this I agreed. Jim showed up on time and was very professional. He replaced my blower motor and had me up and going in no time. In addition to all of this I purchased their 5
year maintenance program. To make this affordable for me he actually deducted $200.00 from his original price and then included the maintenance progrm all in the deal. Which meant he was coming out the following morning to clean my coils as part of the package and at no additional cost to me. WHAT!!! Wow!!! I mean really WOW!! Then in addition to this even still when he came out the next morning to clean my coils he brought with him a special device that he hooked up to my capaciter to stop it from putting so much drainage on it when it turns on. I mean once again wow!! This was free of charge. I was blown away by this company, it’s technician Jim, and the professionalism that was involved with my service that night. I can’t write enough about how impressed I am by this company. If you have had a bad experience in the past with a air conditioning company or you have heard nightmares and are in need of a good honest company… Then this is the company for you. I promise.


***!!!UPDATE!!!***  11/8/2017  NOT A GOOD UPDATE

So a few months after this company came out to my residence my air conditioning stopped working.  They of course were the first ones I called.  They sent someone out right away.  They informed me that my coil was bad and needed to be replaced but that I should probably just replace the entire unit considering the cost of the new coil.  So I explained to the technician I am my wife are expecting a new baby in the coming months and are paying cash for all of our medical bills out of pocket and I really couldn’t afford this right now.  I asked him to give me the best deal possible on a new unit.  He started out at over $8,000.00 installed for a 3.5 ton unit.  Then he called his boss and was able to get it down to $7,600.00.  I asked him to lower the price down to an even $7,000.00 and I would go with his estimate.  They refused to lower their estimate down.  So I proceeded to call around to other companies.  Wow am I glad I did.  I called about 5 different local air conditioning companies.  And I got such a broad span of estimates it’s crazy.  Yes some were up there near the $7,000.00 range.  But the majority of them were around $4,500.00 – $6,000.00.  Accept for one other company.  The only other company I have ever used before.  They used to be my clients with my swimming pool business and up until I gave this business a try I had always used them to service my air conditioning.  Primarily because this was and is a truly genuinely family owned and operated company and they have always been honest with me and far lower than any other company I have ever used before.  And my air conditioning never broke when they came out and did simple necessary maintenance and repairs on it.  Unlike this business I wrote this blog for.  And actually I found out that my unit was indeed sabotaged and a hole was put into one of my coil lines that leaked out all the free on which could have resulted in burning up my compressor.  But hadn’t as of yet.  Well I can’t prove this business did this damage but it is pretty suspicious to say the least.  At any rate I called the company I had used before for an estimate on a new unit.  The name of this business is Aristotle Air and Heating out of Gilbert, Arizona.  Terry and Richard own this business and right away she knew who I was of course and gave me the lecture for not calling them originally to service my unit.  I explained the only reason I didn’t was because they were closed and I needed service asap in the middle of the night.  At any rate her estimate was outrageous!!  I say this because I felt so stupid for not calling Terry first with Aristotle Air.  They put a brand new 3.5 ton unit on my roof for $3,500.00 installed!!!!!!!  $4,000.00 cheaper than the business I wrote a fantastic blog about to help them!  This was and is my personal experience.  And I am more than confident you will have the exact same experience.  But you just read a blog that may have saved you thousands of dollars off your next unit.  Trust me and call Terry or Richard at Aristotle Air today if you have any reason to let a air conditioning company on your roof or looking at your unit on your property where ever it may be located.  I am going to write a special blog about that business as well.  But I felt compelled to update this blog with this information.  This company I wrote this blog about is much higher than anyone else I called.  Rest assured of that.  They will sell you on all their bullshit reasons… Trust me… Just call Aristotle Air.  you’ll be happy you did.



Jake Boyer

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Mint Thai Cafe – 1111 N Gilbert Rd #102, Gilbert, AZ 85234

I wanted to write a positive blog today to put some positive energy out there in the world. So I thought of a place that I enjoy eating at and this Thai restaurant definitely came to mind on my top 10 favorite places to eat. Let me start by saying the atmosphere in this restaurant is very relaxing and inviting. Their menu is filled with some of the most flavorful delicious dishes you could ever imagine introducing to your pallet. Their mouth watering soups and sides will leave you eager for your main dish that will astonish you beyond all belief. With every bite you endure you will be left with a mouth full of flavor that will surely bring you back to this place again and again and again. They have wonderful lunch specials and even cater to those with more of an exotic flavor crave. You can certainly eat just a little or a lot at this place. But I think you will agree that one visit alone to this place is next to impossible to try and imagine. I am sure you will agree with my review of this place yourself. So give them a try and enjoy the exotic flavors of Thailand right in your own backyard.

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Serious Fleet Division – Gilbert, Arizona (480) 507-9800

I use my website and my blogs to speak my mind and to exhaust my 1st amendment constitutional rights whenever the need arises. Such is the case with Serious Fleet Division located at 64 S. Hamilton Pl. Gilbert, Arizona 85233. I started taking my fleet of trucks to these guys within the last year or so despite a bad experience right from the start. I took one of my trucks in for a routine oil change. Everything was working fine as usual. However when I received my truck back from them the mechanic who handed me my keys informed me that my air conditioning may need to be checked soon because it was blowing out hot air. I immediately noticed what he was referring to the moment I got into my truck. This is strange it wasn’t like this just a few minutes prior to dropping the truck off. So I proceeded to take my truck to Auto Zone where they hooked up all of their gauges and was able to determine that there was zero free on left in my system. Obviously upset and pointing the finger I contacted Serious and informed them I would not be back. However shortly after this they all ended up in my office begging for a second chance and informing me that they were truly innocent. So as kind of a person as I am I agreed to give them one more try.

Now lets fast forward 6 months into the the most recent past. I took my Tundra once again to Serious to have new front and back brakes put on my truck. Also to get an oil change. Nothing else was wrong because just a week prior to this I went out of town and checked my fluids which were all normal as usual. So they did the front and rear brakes and then the oil got changed in addition to all that. They return my vehicle to me and within 48 hours after I am driving in Paradise Valley and notice that my air conditioning is starting to blow out warm air suddenly. So I look down at all my gauges and to my surprise my temp gauge is in the red! Wow! So I was able to pull my truck over in the parking garage of Scottsdale Fashion Mall. At which time I was able to do some shopping which gave my truck enough time to cool down so I could later remove the radiator cap. Which I did. And OH MY GOD everyone my radiator was BONE DRY. Nothing in it. So I filled it up with water and made my way to another auto parts store where I was able to add Anti Freeze to it as well. I of course blaming Serious once again contacted Brad Jamison and vented my suspicions and frustrations out on him. Brad informed me that they had video cameras that always recorded everything that happens in the bay areas and that he would review the video feed and get back with me with a definite determination. 24 hours later when I received word from Brad he informed me that on that particular day at the particular time my truck was being serviced the video cameras weren’t recording. Ha ha ha ha. Really!!?? No people listen really good… this place is very dishonest. They are gangsters in there working their customers over like a chef tossing dough. Around and around they go. They come off as trusting and confident individuals and really go out of their way to get you to trust them. But once you do, you will start to notice new problems that arise right after you get your vehicle back from them. This is how they make their money. They get you in the door and then they have you. Please do yourself a huge favor and do not use this company.

Jake Boyer

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