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Ryan & Anesa Hatcher – Canon Electrical LLC

I am writing this blog today to once again express my deepest concerns with the way these two people treat service company’s that they do business with. I originally met Ryan when we provided him an estimate for a new VS pump that we normally charge $1,350.00 for, a new automatic water leveler install we typically charge $1450.00 for, and a deck repair and repaint job that we sell every day for around $1500.00. The total cost of this job was $4,300.00. Ryan Hatcher informed me that he owned an electrical company and wanted to know if we could barter in the future. I informed him of my interest in this when he came to my office to pay his deposit on the job. At that time I showed him electrical lights in my office I wanted to have installed. He informed me that he could do this for me for around $1,000.00. So I reduced the price of his job down to and even $3,000.00. At that time he paid me 50% down and we started the job. However I was on my way to Europe for a couple of weeks and Ryan was aware of this and agreed to be patient. During the time I was gone I had a dishonest technician that I had to let go. So I hired another technician from over seas and asked him to please get this job done asap for me because the customer had waited so long already. He did the job with a few issues that needed to be corrected. Which we absolutely corrected. However after we completed the deck because the texture on the original decking was not done correctly when we grinded down the section we needed to and retextured and repainted of course it didn’t match. This couple used that as an excuse why they did not want to pay the 2nd half of the money that was owed to me. I immediately saw the dishonesty from these people and asked them to just pay an additional $500.00 and that I would let them out of another $1,000.00 but asked them to remove a review online they posted against my company. The husband Ryan Hatcher agreed to have his wife remove the review as a condition to waiving this $1,000.00. However his wife Anesa is filled with so much animosity, anger, and obviously hate that she is refusing to remove the review. So as of this afternoon I am sending their account to an outside collection agency for the difference between $4300.00 which is the original amount estimated and the amount they have paid me as of today which is $2,000.00. I am also sending their file over to my attorneys office to file a civil suit against them for the difference and my attorney fee’s which will be over $3500.00. They could have walked away from all of this by just removing the review. But nope not Anesa. She wants to fight. So that’s what we are going to do now. I would not do business with this couple. They have no pride. No integrity. In my personal opinion and experience dealing with them of course. If they are this dishonest with the people they have service them imagine how dishonest they can potentially be with the people or potential clients they are servicing. Everything in the blog is just my personal opinion and memory of dealing with these dishonest individuals. Best of luck to you if you deal with them yourself.

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Emergency Air Heating And Cooling – 602-400-0000

Ok everyone I have written a few negative blogs as unfortunately they are necessary. However today I wanted to write something nice about a company that really impressed me. I myself own a service business obviously. And I have to say that I pride myself on the service that I provide. Ever so often I find another business that displays the same level of service I do and when that happens I want to tell everyone about them. So I have always used another air conditioning company for my air conditioning and heating needs. However on this particular night my blower motor went out. It was around 9pm in the evening and I called my normal air conditioning company only to receive their voicemail. So I left them a message and proceeded to call around to see if I could find a 24 hour service. It was over 100 degrees outside and I did not want my family suffering through the heat. So I googled Emergency Air Conditioning Services and the first ad that popped up was Emergency Air Heating and Cooling. I contacted them and to my surprise got a live person. Remember this is 9pm at night. I informed them of my situation and was told that they could probably get a technician out to service me even still. So I proceeded to wait for the return call. Which came within minutes from “Jim” one of their service techs who informed me he usually stops working around 8pm but he didn’t mind coming out at around 10pm so that I didn’t have to sit in a hot house all night long. Blown away by this I agreed. Jim showed up on time and was very professional. He replaced my blower motor and had me up and going in no time. In addition to all of this I purchased their 5
year maintenance program. To make this affordable for me he actually deducted $200.00 from his original price and then included the maintenance progrm all in the deal. Which meant he was coming out the following morning to clean my coils as part of the package and at no additional cost to me. WHAT!!! Wow!!! I mean really WOW!! Then in addition to this even still when he came out the next morning to clean my coils he brought with him a special device that he hooked up to my capaciter to stop it from putting so much drainage on it when it turns on. I mean once again wow!! This was free of charge. I was blown away by this company, it’s technician Jim, and the professionalism that was involved with my service that night. I can’t write enough about how impressed I am by this company. If you have had a bad experience in the past with a air conditioning company or you have heard nightmares and are in need of a good honest company… Then this is the company for you. I promise.

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Attorney Todd Coolidge – 1820 E Ray Rd, Chandler, AZ 85225

I am writing this blog today to express my deepest regrets for ever choosing this lawyer to represent me. He used to work for the Nolan Law Firm but parted ways and convinced me to follow him to his own practice. Which I gladly did. The first case he represented me on, it is my personal opinion that he did nothing more than what I myself could have done for myself. However I was not educated on certain aspects of the case and so felt compelled to have an attorney by my side regardless. I have referred this lawyer work and recently paid him $2,000.00 for a new case that I wanted his representation on. I paid this amount almost 4 months ago. It is my belief that he was supposed to appeal a decision made in a particular court. However it is once again my personal belief that he took my money and never did a thing in regards to the case. I have sent him a number of text messages asking him what is going on with my case. Every single time he responded by “We are waiting for a decision from the judge”. However here we are 4 months later and we are still waiting for a decision from the judge. Yeah right… So recently I hired a guy who came here from Hawaii. Well he ended up going to the river and drinking like an idiot and then decided to try and drive home. Of course he was pulled over for DUI. I of course referred him to my lawyer Todd Coolidge of the Coolidge Law Firm. But then as a turn of events happened this employee turned on me and started to create more drama than any business should ever have to deal with. So we ended up firing this guy from Hawaii. Well he was living in another home I own in Phoenix and since he wasn’t required to pay me any rent I had the police remove him from my home. Well could you believe this… He ends up calling his lawyer… my lawyer… Todd Coolidge. And as I’m standing right there Todd Coolidge is giving this guy legal advice against me to try and help him stay in my house against my wishes. This is my lawyer!! I referred him this guy and now my own lawyer is giving his new client advice against me!! What!!! So the police officers couldn’t stand the rambling that was going on with this mentally ill former employee of mine. So they asked me to interrupt his call by calling my lawyer personally myself. They thought maybe my lawyer might appreciate the interruption… but you know what happened? While I was calling him Todd Coolidge actually had enough balls to tell the person he was talking to already on the phone to tell me to stop calling him immediately. What!!!???!!! Is this man insane? I referred him this client… Now I’m evicting him due to mental illness and Todd Coolidge is telling him to tell me to stop calling so that he can continue to give this guy legal advice against me? Wow… So of course as a result I have fired Todd Coolidge and asked for my $2,000.00 retainer fee back since in my personal opinion, he hasn’t done a single thing with the case anyways. Well suddenly he has. Even though I’ve never heard about it. Suddenly I have no refund coming to me. It was all used up… WHAT!!!??? In my opinion this lawyer is the most dishonest lawyer I have ever done business with. The last thing you should do is call this guy if you need / want help. It’s my personal belief and experience, that he will steal your money and give you less than satisfactory results. It’s my personal opinion that this is a very dishonest man. Stay clear of him and give your money to someone else who wont try stealing it from you.  I am creating a special website designed to inform the public about this guys conduct.  The website address will be:  www.beawareofattorneytoddcoolidge.com.  It will be active and up in the next 7 days.  Please check it out.  Thanks for reading this blog.

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Mint Thai Cafe – 1111 N Gilbert Rd #102, Gilbert, AZ 85234

I wanted to write a positive blog today to put some positive energy out there in the world. So I thought of a place that I enjoy eating at and this Thai restaurant definitely came to mind on my top 10 favorite places to eat. Let me start by saying the atmosphere in this restaurant is very relaxing and inviting. Their menu is filled with some of the most flavorful delicious dishes you could ever imagine introducing to your pallet. Their mouth watering soups and sides will leave you eager for your main dish that will astonish you beyond all belief. With every bite you endure you will be left with a mouth full of flavor that will surely bring you back to this place again and again and again. They have wonderful lunch specials and even cater to those with more of an exotic flavor crave. You can certainly eat just a little or a lot at this place. But I think you will agree that one visit alone to this place is next to impossible to try and imagine. I am sure you will agree with my review of this place yourself. So give them a try and enjoy the exotic flavors of Thailand right in your own backyard.

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Serious Fleet Division – Gilbert, Arizona (480) 507-9800

I use my website and my blogs to speak my mind and to exhaust my 1st amendment constitutional rights whenever the need arises. Such is the case with Serious Fleet Division located at 64 S. Hamilton Pl. Gilbert, Arizona 85233. I started taking my fleet of trucks to these guys within the last year or so despite a bad experience right from the start. I took one of my trucks in for a routine oil change. Everything was working fine as usual. However when I received my truck back from them the mechanic who handed me my keys informed me that my air conditioning may need to be checked soon because it was blowing out hot air. I immediately noticed what he was referring to the moment I got into my truck. This is strange it wasn’t like this just a few minutes prior to dropping the truck off. So I proceeded to take my truck to Auto Zone where they hooked up all of their gauges and was able to determine that there was zero free on left in my system. Obviously upset and pointing the finger I contacted Serious and informed them I would not be back. However shortly after this they all ended up in my office begging for a second chance and informing me that they were truly innocent. So as kind of a person as I am I agreed to give them one more try.

Now lets fast forward 6 months into the the most recent past. I took my Tundra once again to Serious to have new front and back brakes put on my truck. Also to get an oil change. Nothing else was wrong because just a week prior to this I went out of town and checked my fluids which were all normal as usual. So they did the front and rear brakes and then the oil got changed in addition to all that. They return my vehicle to me and within 48 hours after I am driving in Paradise Valley and notice that my air conditioning is starting to blow out warm air suddenly. So I look down at all my gauges and to my surprise my temp gauge is in the red! Wow! So I was able to pull my truck over in the parking garage of Scottsdale Fashion Mall. At which time I was able to do some shopping which gave my truck enough time to cool down so I could later remove the radiator cap. Which I did. And OH MY GOD everyone my radiator was BONE DRY. Nothing in it. So I filled it up with water and made my way to another auto parts store where I was able to add Anti Freeze to it as well. I of course blaming Serious once again contacted Brad Jamison and vented my suspicions and frustrations out on him. Brad informed me that they had video cameras that always recorded everything that happens in the bay areas and that he would review the video feed and get back with me with a definite determination. 24 hours later when I received word from Brad he informed me that on that particular day at the particular time my truck was being serviced the video cameras weren’t recording. Ha ha ha ha. Really!!?? No people listen really good… this place is very dishonest. They are gangsters in there working their customers over like a chef tossing dough. Around and around they go. They come off as trusting and confident individuals and really go out of their way to get you to trust them. But once you do, you will start to notice new problems that arise right after you get your vehicle back from them. This is how they make their money. They get you in the door and then they have you. Please do yourself a huge favor and do not use this company.

Jake Boyer

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The power of prayer vs meditation

I want to talk today about the differences between praying and meditating. Both are in my opinion equally important when it comes to centering yourself with the universal God. Praying is a action of thought. Where meditating is an action meant to release all thoughts in order to let in vision from within yourself. However the law of attraction teaches us that your thoughts have an impact on your reality. Like what you eat is what you are in the same sense what you think you will eventually receive. I believe this. Dr. Emoto’s Rice experiment actually proves this. Perhaps I will do a blog on all Dr. Emoto’s rice experiment another time. If you are interested before I have a chance to write the blog do some research yourself and I think you will find the facts of the experiment to be life changing. You must have a thought process in order to receive the desired results. Without it it’s impossible. Praying allows you the chance to think and have those thoughts. Therefore praying no matter which God you are praying to in itself is a very valuable tool to utilize in self changes.

But then so is Meditating. Look at meditating much like you would look at a dirty windshield. Most of the time we can see what we need to see in order to steer the vehicle where we need to go. Over time the vision may get dirtier and dirtier. But still we drive on and don’t worry about cleaning the dirt. But once we go through a car wash or we clean the window while getting gas we always notice immediately how much clearer we can see. The same is true with your thoughts. You think every day. You have thoughts every day. But if you don’t have a form of meditation then all you only become use to thinking in the manner that you become familiar with. And if it’s working for you at the time, then like many believe if it don’t need fixed don’t fix it. That is a false perception. You need to cleanse your thoughts. You need to hit the reset button. Clean the glass that houses your thoughts so that your thoughts are much clearer and vibrant to you. Think about it another way… everything needs cleaning. If you stick something in your fridge and leave it there it will spoil. Same with your thoughts. Imagine a glass housing that houses your thoughts. Well your thoughts build up over time in that glass case and before you know it the glass has darkened and is barely able to be seen through. So although your thoughts are there they certainly aren’t clear. Maybe don’t even make sense. Meditating is an act of cleaning that glass. So you can see your thoughts much clearer. Meditating even if it is only for 5 simple minutes a day in my opinion is absolutely necessary in order to maintain good clear thoughts. You ever prayed about something but wondered why your prayers are never answered? Maybe it has something to do with the clarity of the thoughts you were having while you prayed. So first have good clear thoughts that you can acquire by mediation and then do your praying. Try that for awhile and see if you don’t notice a huge change in your life. I think you you will.

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