Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder

confucius-words-of-wisdomYou know as I write this blog today it is very much inspired by a video I recently watched about positive thinking and how your thoughts really do dictate your reality. At least eventually. My last marriage failed because we were absolutely opposite of one another. Where she was extremely negative and always looking at any and all bad she could find and then spent all of her time dwelling on it, I on the other hand try only to see goodness. My frustration levels always peaked. I would hold in so much anger that was building up because all I wanted to hear was something nice. Something beautiful. Anything. I was desperate for it. I used to tell her that she was a black cloud that hung over me everywhere I went. And it was true. So many times I pleaded with her to just take a moment to relax and take in all the beauty that is around us. From the tree’s that are growing around us to the flowers, or the beautiful sky. To find beauty all you have to do is open your eyes. But what I didn’t understand at that time is that some people are unable to see what others can see. It is true. There is so much beauty and so much good to dwell on that there should be no reason why others can’t see it too. But some just can’t. Maybe it’s because they aren’t looking. Or maybe it’s because they don’t care enough to look. So I guess that it really goes back to the values of each individual person. One might question if they appreciate beauty… If they appreciate goodness… Or if you are one of those people who spends more time finding negative things to appreciate. If that’s the case I’d ask myself if I were you how that affects your relationships around you. Because in my experience it certainly wasn’t good and definitely didn’t result in happiness. And after 12 years of marriage, drove us to a divorce. Now that the black cloud has been removed from over me, I admit that I am a lot more happier and find myself exploring more and more of my spiritual side then I ever have before. I concentrate better. I treat people around me better. I have grown as a human being more in the last 5 years than I believe I have in my entire life. And I give credit all to God for removing the negativity from my life. I thank God for this. Now I am remarried to a beautiful Ukrainian classical concert pianist and for the first time in my life am genuinely happy. So when you find yourself in a situation where you don’t believe there is any beauty or any good… take another look and find what you missed the first time. And don’t stop until you do. Because it’s there to be seen. And because it matters. It matters the kind of person you want to be. So start with changing your perception. Find the good in everything and you will see how your life instantly changes before your eyes. It really is an amazing feeling once you can program your mind to only see the good in everything. Try it. You know what I see in the picture I posted with this blog? I certainly don’t see a dead tree in a deserted desert. Most might. What first comes to my mind when I look at the picture is strength. Then I realize this is another one of God’s miracles. I see a tree that has survived dead or alive in an impossible environment to survive in. Then it makes me realize that no matter what your situation may be that nothing is actually impossible. The tree in the picture in my mind is a message of just that from our universe. You may not see that message but I do. That makes this picture so beautiful. So you see beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

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